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In today's era where access methods are ubiquitous and demand for content is unprecedented, content providers face the challenge of addressing explosive growth while effectively managing their libraries and adding value to their content archives by making material available anywhere. Simply put, the proliferation of content necessitates better ways to store and manage media. While most available solutions today separate storage from the media management application, media technology provider MediaPower, takes a different approach to content management, by providing an integrated solution with Arkki.

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Innovative Approach

Arkki is a simple and innovative media manager application built on a robust storage platform with flexible configuration. It is a cost effective solution for content management that can be easily integrated into different environments like broadcast, production, and post production, empowering media workflows.

Arkki combines the power of a Media Asset Management system that enables content providers to store, catalog, retrieve and manage content, with a flexible storage platform, capable of handling thousands of videos, images, and documents. It is provisioned with multi-user features such as user groups and group access control, enabling content to be managed securely.

Web-based Interface

Access to the system is via a standard web interface. You can use your favorite web browser on any operating system, thereby requiring no additional software to be installed in your clients. This no-fuss interface allows access to your content from anywhere (internet, intranet, LAN, WAN), providing a truly multi-platform, multi-user access to your library.

Enterprise Features

Powerful Search Engine
Arkki incorporates a powerful search engine with rough-cut and sub-clip generation and editing functionality to help the user retrieve, select and download the necessary video material. Thumbnails and low quality (proxy) browsing versions are automatically generated, allowing users to find desired content in seconds.

Video Editing
Arkki incorporates various video editing functions that help users handle and process raw video material such as mark in/out, sub clips generation, adding metadata information to clips/subclips, uploading subclips as main clips, exporting to or downloading low-res or high-res, merging clips to single videos, and even sending video clips to FTP.

Built-in Transcoding
Arkki has a built-in transcoding engine that accepts any common video format such as MPEG-2, XDCAM, DV, DNxHD, AVC-Intra, IMX, MPEG4, ApplePro Res, WMV wrapped MXF, MOV, and AVI. The transcoding engine automatically generates low-resolution proxies in MPEG4, FLV, or WMV.

Smart CPU Management
Arkki smartly utilizes CPU power available in the system. Resource-intensive transcoding tasks use 100% of all CPU cores but Arkki simultaneously manages to make CPU resource available to other Arkki functions ensuring quick response from the system to users. Arkki’s transcoding process is also progressive – viewing the low-res video is allowed even while the transcoding is still in progress.

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User Management & Workspace Customization

User can build a custom workspace, to have favorites contents, save researches, and upload contents as public or private. Users can have a personal folder where it is possible to store selected contents, with customizable layout.

Arkki provides a complete user management that allows administrators to define users and groups and assign different access rights. It can be integrated with Active Directory and LDAP servers. Arkki users also have their own user pages that allow viewing or tracking user’s activities such as videos, photos, or documents uploaded, groups, or projects, etc.

PRO Features

An Arkki Pro version is also available which includes advanced features such as:
• Powerful embedded transcoding engine that allows uploaded videos to be transcoded or converted to other formats
• Automatic content upload through local or NAS connected watch folders
• Advanced video editing features that allow merging of different clips, ingesting/upload of edited clips as new content, or exporting video frames as images or photos
• Sharing videos externally over the internet allowing non system users to view or download low res copies of shared videos

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