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These days, the news anchor is more than just a pretty face reading from a prompter. He is also the moderator of multiple sources of information, including news clippings and images, online resources, media files, and live feed. As the news format becomes more and more complex, the news team needs to be more in control of the components of its news program, making sure that it is both running smoothly and engaging viewers.

For the first time, multi-touch technology, together with a HD 3D graphic engine, enters the world of Broadcast Television, at an extremely low cost. NewsTouch is an innovative IT-based multimedia touch system created by MediaPower. It is a standalone multimedia presentation appliance dedicated to the live production of press clippings, web content, and recorded and live media files in the studio for a live broadcasting environment.

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Live and Online

NewsTouch is a complete product that provides a single graphical interface that brings all the power at the touch of your fingers. NewsTouch is a highly advanced professional system that can handle multi-touch with up to 10 fingers simultaneously and independently. Therefore, it can be used easily at the same time, even by two operators.

Using natural gestures on a multi-touch board, the news anchor or journalist is in full control of his delivery, simultaneously anchoring and presenting supporting news clippings, videos, and content. Other than being able to scroll, zoom, and rotate images to emphasize points, NewsTouch also offers a full array of powerful drawing tools for drawing arrows, shapes, and other markers on top of images or videos. Different pen sizes and colors are available for use, along with an eraser feature. This is especially useful in sports and weather news when the journalist points at specific sections of a supporting image onscreen to make a clear report.

With its advanced graphics capability, NewsTouch also allows broadcasting of video fragments, freeze them and write comments, by means of various writing tools, that are customisable by user and instantly retrievable. NewsTouch also incorporates a web browser, allowing journalists or TV presentors to easily outline live material directly from the web, and also includes support for social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Texts, graphics, images, and multimedia material can also be visualized live or saved before the show on a local disc in order to guarantee a smooth access to the network content.

Compact & Complete

NewsTouch is a compact product, that can be used in a stand-alone mode by a single journalist. Simplicity and user friendliness are key features of this tool. Even though it is a powerful and versatile instrument, it can be used by anyone, immediately and without any need for training. Having four different presets for color, layout, and transparency at your disposal, you can easily and precisely superimpose your own notes onto the background. Furthermore, News Touch has "no-panic" functions to distribute the presentation content evenly to a default zoom level, complete or selective cancelling tools, customisable menus and the option to visualize only the real necessary information that the journalist needs during a live show, which guarantees a maximum concentration level, without too much distraction from buttons and icons.

Dynamic Possibilities

With NewsTouch, create any kind of program that features dynamic and engaging presentations: news, sports, weather, special events like the elections, talk shows, and many others. Apart from press clippings and web material, the anchor can also take control of live video input coming from another studio or the field. Output on the presenter display and on air is HD-enabled.

Supports Professional Mobile Devices

NewsTouch now supports professional tablets starting with Microsoft Surface Pro 2, making it more flexible and convenient to use, more than ever. By using a Surface Pro 2, journalists or news anchors can now freely move around during their presentations. Some news anchors are also already used to using tablets in their news reports, thereby making it easier for them to adopt NewsTouch as another one of their tools in delivering compelling and dynamic reports.

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Through its HD-SDI and HDMI outputs, NewsTouch covers all features for a video mixer, interactive graphics, web video and so much more. External secondary events can be managed via IP by means of a specific video matrix with a maximum of 16 inputs (4 standard). All at an extreme affordable price, but with outstanding performance and smooth graphics with elastic effect. News Touch does not have any installation or training costs and is operative by a single connection to LAN and video matrix.

News Touch is compatible with the following formats:
• Container video: MXF, AVI, MPG, M2P, MP4, MOV (OPTIONAL)
• Audio CODEC : AC3 ,PCM ,MPEG1 ,MP3
• File audio: MP3, WAV

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