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Cybersecurity Protection Services

Cybersecurity threats have been around for many years now, ever since we had computers and the Internet - from phishing emails, to viruses, spam, malware and lately identity theft, and ransomware. Given that information is inarguably the biggest and most expensive currency in this digital age, cyber-threats and hacking attempts are growing at unprecedented rates. Also, while cyber-threats are nothing new, they are also fast-evolving. Hackers and cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated, and so are their methods.

Unfortunately, Telco and Media (Broadcast, VOD, OTT) are particularly susceptible to cyber-threats compared to other enterprise I.T. systems. One reason is that for some of these companies, the shift from legacy purpose-made systems to IT-based workflows came later compared to traditional enterprises. Also, when production, distribution, and archival subsystems are running fine (even when running very old unsupported operating systems like Windows XP, or even DOS), they are rarely ever touched, upgraded, or patched, some even for decades, making them more vulnerable. And because there is no well-known precedent, the efforts to address these vulnerabilities sometimes take a long time in the making, perhaps until one happens.

The growth in cyber-threats and the way they evolve make cybersecurity no longer just an IT issue or one that affects only specific industries. It is important to all and consequently an entire organization’s responsibility. It is now a top priority to protect computers and networks from intrusion, and digital assets and information from unauthorized access. A company’s defenses must not only respond with removal and fixing an intrusion when it has already happened. They should also evolve with pro-active and intelligent methods, well beyond simple detection and removal when a breach has already been made.

We know Telco. We know Broadcast. We know I.T.

MediaPower has worked with hundreds of telco and broadcast companies. We have been integrating IT-based infrastructure systems and workflow solutions throughout our existence, and have constantly kept up-to-date with the latest and greatest to support the businesses of our customers. Our knowledge of TV and media workflows and other supporting applications, combined with our expertise in I.T. put us in a unique position to understand Telco and Media companies and their systems and typical practices.

MediaPower Cyber Security Protection Services

In response to the growing number of cyber-threats, MediaPower now offers Cybersecurity Protection Services. We provide consulting services that cover full assessment and detailed analysis of your company’s infrastructure, susceptibility to cyber-attacks, exposures, and recommend appropriate approaches, methodologies, and procedures to respond to potential threats.

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With an abundance of software and tools that make it difficult to possibly narrow which ones provide the real protection benefits, MediaPower can take some of this burden out of your hands, and recommend the necessary protection technology, software, and tools to ensure that your digital assets, users, and networks are always protected, and security breaches can be neutralized and contained rapidly if it happens. From basic virus and malware protection, to ransomware protection, to intelligent deception technologies, MediaPower can recommend and provide the necessary tools that are needed based on thorough assessment and analysis.

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