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Storage MX

The MediaPower Storage MX or MPS-MX is a powerful NAS/SAN media storage array that achieves the performance and reliability of large enterprise storage and the flexibility and scalability of small to medium-sized systems. It is a high-density storage providing operators and production studios the capacity to store thousands of hours’ worth of content in an economical footprint. It features load balancing and system failover capabilities, offering operators new levels of performance, reliability, and scalability, without limiting deployment options.

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Highly Scalable

The MPS-MX is highly scalable with entry-level capacities starting at 16TB or 24TB. Base controllers can be expanded with additional 3U or 4U storage expansion shelves. Dynamic online expansion also happens seamlessly.
• MX16 - from 16TB (16-drive 3U base controller) to 192TB
• MX24 - from 24TB (24-drive 4U base controller) to 288TB

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Ultimate Connectivity

The MPS-MX features simultaneous NAS and SAN access. Files on the MPS-MX can be accessed via clients using iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, and FTP without needing to reconfigure the system or set up separate gateways. Being able to support both NAS and SAN in a single file system means that a company doesn’t need to set up islands of storage systems for equipment requiring different types of connections. The MPS-MX can scale out in capacity up to petabytes of storage within a single global namespace allowing all media assets to be managed.

Operational Flexibility

The MPS-MX is unique in being able to support real-time play- to-air, high- performance production, and media factory applications, giving operators the ability to maximize the value of their storage investment and at the same time simplify their workflow.
• Built-in Arkki asset management
• Real-time Broadcast Play-to-Air
• Production Editing
• Media factory applications

Optimized for Media Files

The MPS-MX employs media-centric file layout allowing space efficiency for small files and high- streaming performance for large media files. The MPS-MX is well suited for multi-user production environments with client-based bandwidth control, enterprise integration with LDAP and Active Directory for IT- friendly multi-user access administration, and file notification for efficient media inventory management.

Enterprise Availability and Reliability

The MPS-MX is reliable, with field- replaceable parts, hot-swappable drives, and redundant power supplies. It ensures no single point of failure with RAID-6 protection and high availability Active- Active controllers.
• Active-Active Controllers
• 4 x 10Gb/s Ethernet with Bonding
• Virtual IP with failover support
• RAID 6-protected arrays
• Block-level mirroring

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