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As studios and production outfits grow the number of channels for their subscribers, shift to newer transport technologies from changing revenue models, and media workflows increase in complexity, the need for cost-effective solutions for delivery of TV programs and video content becomes more pronounced. It also becomes imperative for media providers to be able to launch channels rapidly while minimizing cost, improving operational management and efficiency, and ensuring that any investment in necessary equipment is one that can easily scale in the future.

Flexible and Scalable Platform

AirGo is an innovative and cost-effective platform for broadcast and media customers to digitize and playback content. AirGo is designed to ingest and playout broadcast quality video in Proxy, SD, HD and UHD formats, and comes in a variety of input / output or local / central storage combinations and built-in redundancy. Built on an open IT-based platform, AirGo provides a highly flexible and scalable end-to-end solution.

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Ingest and Playout

It is critical for video servers to be able to support all widely used encoding formats. AirGo supports all compression schemas and common wrappers. But beyond supporting a wide list of encoding and decoding compression and file formats, AirGo also supports file import and native file playback (no conversion required) of existing legacy SeaChange and XOR Media BMC and BML files, as well as Harris NEXIO, and Omneon MPEG2 OP1a MOV and MXF files. No conversion is required which means a lot of resources saved that would have otherwise been dedicated to format conversion.

Also, as the industry shifts to newer transport technologies, allowing content providers to tap other revenue sources, AirGo bridges the gap to IP technology by providing support for simultaneous SDI and IP ingest and playout. This important feature of AirGo ensures that broadcasters and content providers are able to support the transition seamlessly.

Integrated Branding and Graphics

As demand for media content increases, so do broadcasters’ need to cope with the advanced and complex workflows that satiate the consumer’s appetite. Relevant content has to be visually branded and delivered to viewers in high definition with dynamic and spectacular visuals. At the same time, broadcast technologies should simplify the production and playout workflow, enhance graphic capabilities of, and be affordable for a growing broadcast company.

To help broadcasters improve their playout workflow, differentiate their brand, and keep audiences visually interested, AirGo integrates fully featured real-time graphics and channel branding tools, which make design and playout of CGs, crawlers, tickers, lower thirds, logos, full frame graphics and complex 3D animations a breeze.

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Ready to go and future-proof

Whether a small local station or a nationwide TV network, AirGo introduces efficiency and automation into a media workflow. AirGo is designed to be scalable and redundant, with flexible options for storage, integrated features, and different redundancy options that can be chosen to suit current needs and workflow requirements. AirGo’s software-centric architecture allows broadcasters to start small, allowing them to deploy channels quickly, then cost-effectively and easily scale and integrate additional features, as their business requires.

Also, AirGo helps bridge the gap to highly-anticipated IP delivery methods as it provides support for simultaneous SDI and IP IN/OUT capabilities, ensuring broadcasters and content providers can transition to IP now or when they want or need to.

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Power of Choice

AirGo comes in either a fully integrated CIB (Channel-In-A-Box) platform or in a massively scalable high-density system:

  • AirGo: AirGo is a complete production, ingest, and play-to-air system-in-a-box. In a mere 2RU machine, AirGo is a turnkey playout solution that combines automation, master control, simultaneous SDI & IP playout, and interactive graphics within one system.

  • AirGo BR: AirGo BR is high-density highly scalable, and cost-effective ingest and playout platform. Powered by industry-proven Dalet BRIO, AirGo BR is provisioned with powerful user applications and tools, ensuring seamless integration not only with Dalet Solutions but also 3rd party systems.

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