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Multi-channel Video Capture and Recording


The need for efficiency and access ubiquity has pushed the adoption of newer IT-based technologies in broadcast, media, and production operations. This includes bringing new program elements into the studio or facility in the form of conventional video, compressed data streams, or data files.

Content ingest is quickly becoming a central part in media operations. Whether coming from tape or from digital sources, high volumes of content need to be ingested and centralized for production, distribution and archiving, thereby requiring a fast, reliable, and cost-effective solution to capture content simultaneously from different sources.

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Arkki INGEST is MediaPower’s intelligent multi-channel video capture and recording solution for broadcast, media, and production studios. Arkki Ingest enables you to start real-time conversions from multiple sources to heterogenous targets, transcode and record live video signals, and manage virtually infinite capture sessions simultaneously.

Powerful Features

  • Multi-channel SDI, IP, file or stream ingest
  • Supports all common video formats, codecs, and containers
  • Supports all common audio codecs
  • Advanced stream capture capabilities including support for RTMP, UDP, DVB, SRT, RTP, RTSP, IIS, and HLS
  • PC App or web client with high quality source preview
  • Multi-instance for virtual infinite capture sessions
  • Real-time live video converter
  • Synchronized multi-capture
  • Time-shift playout
  • Command-line access to advanced codec settings
  • Direct capture and metadata addition to MediaPower Arkki EVO DAM

SMART Ingest

Arkki INGEST features a SMART Ingest functionality that lets you:

  • Create and synchronize multiple instances for virtually infinite capture sessions
  • Convert and time-shift live video sources to NDI/SDI output in real-time
  • Access advanced codec settings through a command-line interface
  • Directly capture and add metadata into MediaPower’s Arkki EVO Digital Asset Management Platform

PC application or WEB client

Arkki INGEST comes as a PC application or a web client. You get the choice of whether you use a PC application on your workstations or use your web browser to remotely access the ingest application with high quality source previews.

Immense Benefits

  • Manage virtually infinite capture sessions
  • Real-time conversions from multiple sources to heterogenous targets
  • Transcode and record live video

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