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Keepixo OTT and IPTV head-ends
Enabling your software-based multiscreen workflow

Keepixo OTT and IPTV head-ends

Keepixo, the spin-off of Allegro DVT's broadcast business, is a leading provider of software-based and cloud-ready head-end solutions for IPTV & OTT. It offers live encoders, file-based video transcoders and delivery solutions featuring advanced functions such as Catch-Up, Start-Over and nPVR. Keepixo solutions are used by more than 130 customers including 40 tier-1 operators worldwide. Using its cloud-ready software solutions, Keepixo can combine the best of performance, flexibility and scalability giving its customers tailored solutions.

Keepixo OTT and IPTV head-ends

Enabling your software-based multiscreen workflow

Keepixo offers a complete range of components that broadcasters and service providers need for creating their OTT TV preparation & delivery chain, including software-based Genova productline and AL appliance products.

Keepixo OTT and IPTV head-ends

Software-based Products

Using software as its base, the Genova product line facilitates deployment, and can be quickly upgraded with new functions or codecs for the rapidly changing OTT environment. Software-based products include:

GENOVA LIVE - Software-based H.264 & HEVC Live Encoder
GENOVA MOSAIC - Software-based mosaic generator for IPTV & OTT TV
GENOVA FILE - Software-based H.264 & HEVC File-to-File Encoder for VOD
GENOVA ORIGIN - Software-based Origin solution for Multiscreen OTT delivery

Appliance Products

Keepixo also offers the same technologies in appliance models, allowing for quick deployments. These appliance products include:

AL2000 - Live Encoder/Transcoder Appliance for H.264 & HEVC
ALMOSAIC - IP Mosaic Generator, Multiviewer for Live EPG & Monitoring
ALORIGIN - Packaging & Origin Server for Multiscreen & OTT delivery

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