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Oracle (FPD) DIVA
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Oracle (FPD) DIVA

Just as media is radically changing, so are the workflows associated with migrating, managing, and marketing content. The consequence? Your content can be monetized in more ways than ever. DIVA Content Storage Management adapts to your changing workflows, inspires your teams to do their best work, scales with new technology demands, and supports business growth.

Oracle DIVA is a purpose-built system that simplifies the complex workflows inherent in managing media assets. The Oracle DIVA solution comprehensively covers the migrate, manage, and market aspects of modern digital, file- based workflows. Used by the largest global media brands, these solutions are innovative and lead the industry in content storage and management.

Oracle DIVA Content Storage Management redefines archiving with instantaneous asset access and control on a technology-agnostic integration platform. It bridges the gap between the proprietary applications in your process and data archives, creating a cohesive content-storage management solution that ensures smart storage and easy asset access.

The Oracle DIVA CSM solution is used by hundreds of media enterprises around the world that have entrusted their irreplaceable media content to it. With the largest globally installed base of any CSM system, in more than 70 countries, the Oracle DIVA platform now manages more than 100 petabytes of invaluable media content. (To put that number in perspective, if all the content was in HD, it would take more than 1,300 years to watch it all back to back.) The Oracle DIVArchive system has proven to be flexible, scalable, reliable, and media-centric—the only system of its kind capable of moving digital files reliably, seamlessly, and transparently wherever they are needed. If you are looking for a CSM system to handle all your media—past, present, and future—look no further than the Oracle DIVA solution.

Oracle (FPD) DIVA

DIVArchive - Accurate Content, Down to the Bit

Oracle DIVArchive revolutionizes digital archiving solutions with digital asset storage, access, management, and production workflow. Relying on a combination of disk storage and data tape libraries, the Oracle DIVArchive system effectuates a central content repository that supports multiple essence formats and resolutions, as well as interoperability among systems. And because it is modular, the Oracle DIVArchive system can be easily scaled and upgraded. To further maximize real-world usefulness, Oracle DIVArchive systems offer tight integration with other applications, including all leading broadcast automation and media asset management (MAM) systems. The Oracle DIVArchive system is also integrated with Avid Interplay and, through its service oriented architecture (SOA) framework, with Apple Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Server.

• Creates higher efficiencies in your day-to-day workflow
• Mitigates single points of failure to cut workflow interruption and speed problem resolution
• Integrates seamlessly with every workflow and production-enabling software and hardware tool
• Eliminates risk and enhances business continuity by configuring automatic redundant file creation

Oracle (FPD) DIVA

DIVAnet - Network Your Team, Boost Productivity

Modern production occurs in multiple locations. Oracle DIVAnet provides “site awareness” for any number of fully independent Oracle DIVArchive CSM systems connected through a private wide-area network.

• Links multiple DIVArchive systems
• Provides a federation layer
• Supports disaster recovery workflows
• Optimally enables wide-area networks
• Innovatively manages storage policy
• Guarantees content replication
• Shares and distributes content

Oracle (FPD) DIVA

DIVAdirector - Full Control of Your Production Workflow

Oracle DIVAdirector is a digital asset management system that gives you full control of the assets housed in Oracle DIVArchive via a familiar interface, so you can quickly locate, access, and manage media.

• Seamlessly integrates with editing and finishing services
• Finds clips instantly to help swiftly yet methodically work through your shot list
• Enables time-code based partial restoration
• Allows viewing by login credentials and tagging content for a variety of purposes

Oracle (FPD) DIVA

DIVA Cloud Service - The Safety and Confidence You Need

Oracle DIVA Cloud Service provides CSM as a service and leverages all the scale and cost advantages the cloud offers via secure private networks. Oracle DIVA Cloud Service is a natural phase in the functional evolution of Oracle DIVArchive - an integrated cloud storage solution for managing assets on a global scale, from any device and any networked location. All of the features that make Oracle DIVArchive the leading solution for migrating, managing, and marketing your content are found in Oracle DIVA Cloud Service—and moving to the cloud provides additional advantages.

• Creates higher efficiencies in your day-to-day workflow
• Reduces CapEx for hardware, licensing, and new service adoption
• Reduces CapEx for infrastructure as new storage and processing technologies become available
• Reduces OpEx through cuts in energy consumption, facilities overhead, and staffing
• Eliminates risk and enhances business continuity by configuring automatic redundant file creation

DIVA 150c - Start Small and Simply Scale

Oracle DIVA 150c combines Oracle DIVA, the number-one CSM solution, with Oracle StorageTek SL150, the most scalable entry archive hardware, to create the most scalable entry-level storage solution. DIVA 150c combines Oracle DIVA, the number-one CSM solution, with Oracle StorageTek SL150, the most scalable entry archive hardware, to create the most scalable entry-level storage solution.

• Start with 99 TB of storage capacity and easily scale to over 845 TB without investing in new servers or libraries
• Automatically generates MDS checksums upon file ingest and then verifies the checksums throughout an asset'€™s lifecycle
• Automatically creates multiple copies of your assets for easy restore if necessary
• Simply drag and drop digital assets to/from the archive leveraging drop folders or custom integrations.

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