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Capture Leads in Real-time


Sodyo is an O2O – offline to online – platform which enables television to capture leads. Sodyo allows viewers to interact with television content and even “Point and Purchase” with any mobile device. Sodyo disrupts the television landscape by allowing TV channels, advertising agencies and content providers to leverage mobile technology and capitalize from a “best of both worlds” business model that works at “the speed of mobile”.

Capture Leads in Real-time

Sodyo TV enhances the TV commercial experience by strengthening the sales funnel. Viewers can interact immediately with the television via their smartphone and:

Point and Purchase
The viewer points their mobile device to the TV screen; a pre-loaded web page instantly appears on their mobile device which allows them to purchase a product, review their order and complete the purchase if they so choose.

Point and Learn More
The viewer points their mobile device to the TV screen, and instantly receives additional information about a product or service. Point and Learn More is the “funnel opener” for durable goods and cars.

Point and Vote
The viewer points their mobile device to the TV screen and votes for content choices offered on the TV – favorite singer, favorite news story or whatever poll or vote your TV station offers.


Sodyo Technology

Sodyo has developed a new color-based technology which enables interaction between smartphones and any digital or physical object around us.

Sodyo’s technology is the only viable technology today for transforming all indoor and outdoor media platforms to fully smartphone-interactive. You can add Sodyo FarQR Codes to a central billboard sign, a TV broadcast, a small packaging badge or a magazine, and your customer will enjoy the same quick and simple user experience.

For the first time, brand owners and advertisers can be offered a comprehensive smartphone-interactive product within any advertising platform. The FarQR Codes we create are unique in that they are colorful, can be branded and do not take-up an un-proportioned real-estate from your ad or product space. Due to the underlying patented technology and very small computational power required by the smartphone to detect, capture and interpret the FarQR Codes, the user is guaranteed a superb experience in terms of capturing speed and overall response time and feedback.

Sodyo Tags

The tagging system is based on an algorithm that focuses on CVP detection as opposed to detection of the actual color patches applied in other tagging technologies such as QR codes. That eliminates the need for “wasted” tag area, needed for registration and color reference, and contains no data.  Many of Sodyo’s unique qualities are a result of that approach. See an illustration of the basic information unit in Sodyo tags as compared to typical 2D codes:


What Makes Sodyo Unique?

  • Distance – The scanning distance is at least 100 times the size of the tag, which is similar to the observation distance of a normal human. Order of magnitude (~ x10) longer scanning distance versus size compared to other coding methods. For example, a 5X5 cm tag can be detected by a typical smartphone from at least 5 meters. In perfect match with TV viewing requirements.
  • Omni Media – Sodyo codes can be used on any media or platform such as TV, LED displays, LCDs, billboards, projection, print of any type under varying illumination conditions and wide scanning angles.
  • Design worthy – Since the information is stored in the color junctions (CVPs) the outer shape itself is arbitrary if the CVPs are contained within it. Therefore, the shape of the tag is customizable, and can be used to convey additional information such as the brand / use type as well as pure aesthetic value
  • Speed – The CVP is scale invariant. One simple filter extracts all the CVPs without the need to apply scale analysis nor affine transformations. As such, FarQR codes can be scanned in a rate > 20 fps with pre-caching of data contributing to instant response experience.

Experience the Magic of Sodyo

There simply is no better way to see how Sodyo technology works. Try Sodyo for yourself! Simply go to

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