February 09, 2012

Project for videotapes digitization, logging and archive for FutureDigital

Digitization Overview
Many activities contribute to “permanent accessibility – forever”. Just now, in the years of the 21st century, we are at a stage where much audiovisual material from the 20th century is in analogue form – and most of the options for trying to obtain “permanent accessibility – forever” are digital options. So digitization is of huge significance just now, as one of “the steps necessary to ensure … permanent accessibility”.

Our project goal is the following: make access copies onto digital format that in some cases are in no way a replacement for the original – but they take pressure off the original, allowing it to be kept untouched in cold dry conditions with very limited use of masters.

Our archive copies are as close as technically possible to the originals and can be used within this digital production and logging solution for the creation of ‘new masters’.

Also digitization scope here is to produce a ‘digital intermediate’ before finally producing a new digital master. This in order to use digital technology for restoration – because there are many defects that can be removed digitally in ways that could not be attempted by analogue processing.


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