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The growth of online video has been explosive so far and its rise is unrelenting. There is no doubt that video has taken over a huge part of internet users’ online experience.

Online videos can entertain and engage viewers in a way that text or pictures cannot. They can inform, showcase products, and build brand awareness with a much deeper immersion than images can. Online video has become a primary means for online users to satiate their need not just for entertainment but also for information.

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Video Enabled Online Shopping

Adding video into e-commerce sites can truly enhance a customer’s web experience. It can inform shoppers about products beyond what text and images can do, and also entertain shoppers in a way that can turn them into buying customers.

Click and Buy is an interactive video player designed for online retail stores. It enables a fully configurable and interactive video player for your site visitors – both web and mobile e-commerce sites and applications. It can serve as an extension to existing e-commerce platforms for adding videos to products and product pages, or be implemented as a standalone video-enabled e-commerce platform.

Management Tools

With MediaPower’s expertise in video, media asset management and service infrastructures, Click and Buy is also available either as a turnkey e-commerce platform or a build and configure component to online retail stores. MediaPower’s powerful management tools include Media Asset Management, metadata tagging and linking, e-commerce platform, analytics, and cloud infrastructure services.

Your One Stop Shop

With MediaPower's expertise in video, media asset management, and breadth of solutions and technology partnerships, MediaPower can be your one stop shop in provisioning all the tools and services to easily and rapidly set-up and manage a complete video commerce initiative.

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