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The proliferating digital revolution has developed and changed methods of communication drastically. We are now the most interconnected and communicative era to ever exists. We can now communicate in ways that were once impossible to achieve; not only with one another but also with large companies and organisations.

The methods of communication for large companies and organisations have seen the most dramatic change. They can now disassociate from their antecedent reputation of being unreachable and achieve ‘two-way-communication’. Since their communication barrier has been broken, and a “bridge” has been built, companies are closer to their clients than ever.

Traditional communication methods, such as television, radio and print can no longer reach the younger and “techier” generation of potential donors — as they place a higher value on their use of smartphones and consuming On Demand content than these traditional mediums.

Within this charitable context, videos have become an integral part of companies’ corporate communication strategies, enabling them to efficiently and emotively convey information and messages.

Give’s App allows non-profit organisations to create individualised networks for their loyal and dedicated donors, allowing them to be fully immersed and involved with the cause they support.

By installing Give’s App on your smartphone, you will be able to read news, join online communities, contribute your own footage and videos, send donations and share your experiences with your contacts. Organisations using Give’s App can, therefore, expand their reach via their members to simply and efficiently engage new potential donors, quickly growing their networks to their full potential.

What is GIVE’S APP?

Give’s App is a powerful platform for connecting and growing non-profit communities by enabling two-way communication between organizations and their benefactors through a mobile application.

Give’s App consists of a front-end mobile application through which users can contribute content, as well as a backend infrastructure through which operators (service owners) can browse, administer, and manage user-generated content and utilise it to aid their cause.

Give’s App Mobile Application

Give’s App’s objective is to succour those who are in need by helping organisations render people abreast of their cause and galvanise them into action.

Give’s App can be downloaded directly to your smartphone from either the Apple Store or the Google Store. Once it’s installed you can dive into countless diverse communities and share your thoughts, opinions and experiences by posting your own original photos and videos.

While your videos are being uploaded to the application, they will automatically be tagged and catalogued by the app’s system for professional use – meaning you can contribute to the cause even more!

Researchers will be able to document their work, beneficiaries will be able to chronicle the improvements and recovery process provided to them by donors, volunteers will be able to relay the progress of their relief efforts and, lastly, donors will be able to propagate their philanthropy and inspire others to support the cause.

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Give’s App for Non-Profit Organisations

The app’s media management and archive system will allow organizations to cut costs and invest their funds on more serviceable activities and enterprises.

Supported by an advanced back-office, the application provides organisations with immense amounts of user information, from geo-location to social media usage data; these are extremely useful for user-profiling and creating customised, targeted messages.

The use of tags further simplifies and accelerates content searches, enabling organisations to easily identify and relay relevant information to individual communities and groups.

While social media plaPorms provide an efficient way to gather contacts and user-data, they are less effective when attempting to interact and organise calls to action for specific causes or movements. By monitoring user activities, Give’s App uniquely allows organizations to track and measure the success of their calls to action, enabling them to evolve and improve their strategies for future campaigns.

With the monumental escalation of social networks, having now become our main platforms for sharing information, a prominent and problematic controversy on online publication content rights has also arisen. However, thanks to Give’s App, organizations can avoid such controversies because they are granted exclusive and absolute rights to the content uploaded to their platforms. Subsequently, they can manage and protect both their corporate communications and their users’ privacy — without third parties intervening or affecting them.

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