November 23, 2012


News Touch is the innovative IT based multimedia touch system created by MediaPower. For the first time, the new multi-touch technology, together with a HD 3D graphic engine, enters the world of Broadcast Television, at an extremely low cost.

Live and On Line
News Touch is the perfect tool for live news shows, but one of its greatest features is that it can also be used for online news. Moreover, by means of an electronic multi-touch board, comments or indications can be easily added to the original image or video, which is extremely useful during shows like sports or the weather forecast. Thanks to its advanced graphic capacity, NEWS TOUCH allows you to broadcast video fragments, freeze them and write comments, by means of various writing tools, customizable to every user profile and instantly retrievable. Thanks to the incorporated web browser, the journalist or TV conductor can easily “outline live” the material directly on the web. Texts, graphics, images, and multimedia material can be visualized live or saved before the show on a local disc in order to guarantee a smooth access to the network content.

News Touch is a compact product, that can be used in a “stand-alone” mode by a single journalist. Simplicity and user friendly are keywords of this tool. Even though it is a powerful and versatile instrument, it can be used by anyone, immediately and without any need for training. Having four different presets at your disposal, color, layout, and transparency, you can easily and precisely superimpose your own notes onto the background. Furthermore, News Touch has “anti-panic” functions to distribute the presentation content evenly to a default zoom level, complete or selective cancelling tools, customizable menus and the option to visualize only the real necessary information that the journalist needs during a live show, which guarantees a maximum concentration level, without too much distraction from buttons and icons.

News Touch is a complete product that does not need any other features. News Touch has a single graphic interface in order to have all power at the touch of your finger. News Touch is a high advanced professional system that can handle the “multi-touch” of up to 10 fingers simultaneously and independently. Therefore, it can be used easily at the same time by two operators.

Thanks to its HD-SDI and HDMI outputs, News Touch covers all features for a video mixer, interactive graphics, web video and so much more. External secondary events can be managed via IP by means of a specific video matrix with a maximum of 16 inputs (4 standard). All at an extreme affordable price, but with outstanding performance and smooth graphics with “elastic” effect. News Touch does not have any installation or training costs and is operative by a single connection to LAN and video matrix.
News Touch is compatible with the following formats:
• Images: GIF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, PCX?
• Container video: MXF, AVI, MPG, M2P, MP4, MOV (OPTIONAL)
• Audio CODEC : AC3 ,PCM ,MPEG1 ,MP3?
• File audio: MP3 ,WAV

Our product is available today. Please contact us for a private demonstration.

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