November 19, 2013

LCI uses MediaPower NewsTouch to empower journalists, deliver dynamic content

Paris, France (November 19, 2013) – European media technology solutions providers, MediaPower and SAV announce that LCI, French news cable channel providing 24-hour national and global coverage, has acquired NewsTouch, a touch-based live presentation appliance developed by MediaPower, to empower journalists as they deliver dynamic news content.

In September 2013, LCI launched its new morning shows, intended to introduce new people and new programs, including “The eye of the Web”, which presents the latest tweets, and other information circulating on the web and social networks. Emmanuel Raoul anchors “The eye of the Web” in LCI morning. Benoît Gallerey presents the same program at noon, and Thibaud Vézirian in LCI Evening. To answer the needs of this web press review program, LCI was looking for an interface that allowed its journalists to present, live on the screen, web pages or videos while commenting on them.

NewsTouch is a standalone appliance dedicated to the live production of press clippings, web content, and recorded and live media files in the studio. It provides an intuitive and very easy to use interface especially adapted to journalists and editors. It allows presenters to compose press reviews from PDFs, videos, web pages, social network posts or other elements downloaded from the Internet, in just a few clicks. With simple but innovative tools, journalists can create comments or markings, zoom in/out or change documents, on a touchscreen interface, just as naturally as they would on smartphones or tablets. What is done on the touchscreen, instantly shows up on TV, making NewsTouch a small revolution in the area of press reviews: simple, intuitive and efficient.

SAV, importer of MediaPower products in France, introduced NewsTouch to LCI's team. It proved to perfectly match LCI’s requirements and offered total autonomy for journalists and anchormen to prepare and present some of their news programs, eliminating the need for operator intervention.

Other than being used in “The eye of the Web”, NewsTouch also appealed to other journalists like Michel Field for his press review program "La Matinale", because it allowed them to be more spontaneous and interactive; and lets them take control of the flow and continuity of their programs. To date, LCI now uses NewsTouch in several shows, at least 4 hours per day.

SAV provided and installed NewsTouch, trained the LCI staff and continues to take care of customer service.

David Fuhrer, Cadre chez LCI, says, “MediaPower’s NewsTouch is a powerful tool, yet it is so easy to use. With it, we delimit the capabilities of the journalist, from someone merely reading text from a prompter to someone who communicates with and engages viewers from all over the world.”

“People consume news in different devices and in different formats. It is important that in delivering the news, broadcasters are just as flexible and dynamic,” Marcello Dellepiane, CEO, MediaPower, says. “NewsTouch is one of the many solutions that MediaPower offers to help broadcasters cater to the demands of the market and take the lead in the industry.”

About MediaPower
MediaPower enables media workflows by providing solutions for media content production and delivery across multiple platforms. MediaPower was founded in 1993 as an integrator of certified networking and storage solutions for the media industry, such as SeaChange International (now XOR Media), DataDirect Networks, and Dalet.

About SAV
SAV is an importer of solutions for broadcast, post production and production since 1977.
Over 30 editors and makers trust SAV with their exclusive representation. A team of more than 30 people handles the promotion, pre-sales, installation and support of all imported products.

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