January 11, 2016

MediaPower Arkki now 4K ready

MediaPower’s Cost-effective MAM system delivers 4K support

Genoa, Italy (January 11, 2016) – MediaPower’s Arkki Media Asset Management system now supports 4K. Arkki’s transcoding toolset has been upgraded to support MOV or MXF-wrapped 4K files.

Arkki is a simple and innovative media manager application that enables content providers to store, catalog, retrieve and manage content. It is a cost effective and easy to deploy MAM system that incorporates a powerful embedded transcoding engine along with video editing features, and provides clients local or remote web access to indexed content.

As broadcasters and media content providers start supporting 4K workflows, the MAM system behind media workflows and content archives becomes no less integral than the acquisition or delivery toolsets of 4K content. This makes it imperative for MAMs to fully embrace 4K too by ensuring support of 4K files and formats in its entirety, from transcoding, to indexing and sharing.

“Since its release as the first MAM-in-a-box system in 2013 where it earned a NAB Pick Hit Award from Broadcast Engineering, Arkki has grown into a robust yet cost-effective enterprise MAM system,” says CEO Marcello Dellepiane. “This new support for 4K is another testament to MediaPower’s commitment to deliver useful features that allow our customers to reap benefits from their investments in technology.”

Both new and existing Arkki systems support 4K at no extra cost. Existing Arkki systems only need some additional libraries on the Arkki transcoding engine. To find out more or schedule a demo, please email us at info@media-power.it.

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