September 14, 2013

MediaPower launches turnkey solutions at IBC 2013

Amsterdam, Netherlands (September 13, 2013) – MediaPower returns to its home continent to present its innovative turnkey solutions at the IBC2013 in Amsterdam. The Italy-based media technology provider will bring to the show floor its integrated all-in-one offerings: Arkki, a media asset management solution-in-a-box; AirGo, an all-in-one production and play-to-air system; and NewsTouch, a touch-based, live presentation standalone appliance.

“Television, like any other industry, is challenged by the recession and the necessity to revitalize the business model in order to survive – and eventually make money – even in bad times,” says Marcello Dellepiane, CEO of Italy-based media technology provider MediaPower.

In the recent years, broadcasting and television have been struggling through tough times. This is a fight to be won not only by survivors but by thought leaders, by strategists, by men and women who intend to emerge on top throughout the crisis and when it is finally over.

A veteran in the industry, MediaPower is known in the business of systems integration, carrying and deploying different brands to accommodate the varying requirements of its customers. With domain expertise in engineering workflow solutions for media, the company has grown to be a trusted partner in Europe. But MediaPower intends to make it to the other side, and it needs to be more clever about its business in doing so.

The past year has seen MediaPower launch and deploy turnkey solutions for the media industry. Based on years of experience in engineering workflows and integrating powerful products for broadcasters and content providers, the company transitioned to manufacturing its very own line of media technology offerings that are compact and affordable.

MediaPower turnkey solutions are robust technologies pre-configured in ready-to-go platforms for simplicity, flexibility, ease-of-use, and hassle-free maintenance. They can serve as standalone machines or integrated with a company’s existing infrastructure in order to optimize the investment and to realize returns. With flexibility and affordability on its side, these MediaPower all-in-one solutions are rendering massive deployments too expensive and obsolete.

In 2013, MediaPower has been helping shape and educate the industry with powerful, innovative, and turnkey solutions that they bring to the worldwide market: Arkki, a media asset management solution-in-a-box; AirGo, an all-in-one production and play-to-air system; and NewsTouch, a touch-based, live presentation standalone appliance. The same products are made available through newly opened MediaPower offices and newly forged partnerships.

Store, catalog, retrieve, and manage content in this 2013 NAB Pick Hit awardee. Arkki combines a powerful and efficient MAM technology with a robust and flexible storage platform of up to 128TB. It is capable of managing and storing thousands of videos, images, documents, and files, with multi-user features such as user groups and group access controls that allow content to be managed securely. Uploading and transcoding engines come built-in with Arkki. Users can upload videos, photos, and documents with metadata information. Retrieving is just as easy with its search engine boasting a rough-cut and sub-clip generation facility that makes it easy for users to find content in seconds all through a simple web interface.

Production, ingest, and play-to-air functionalities now come in a single 2RU ready-to-go box. AirGo is a turnkey solution for multi-channel broadcasting that combines automation, playout, and interactive graphics overlay in a system with up to 30TB of storage. This single, compact, and multitasking box reduces the cost and effort to maintain a system that is continuously scaling in size and complexity. AirGo further supports production efficiency with edit-in-place and edit-while-ingest capabilities.

NewsTouch is a standalone, multimedia presentation appliance for a live broadcasting environment. It is a tool that transforms the news anchor from merely a pretty face reading the prompter into a moderator of information coming from multiple sources including press clippings, images, online resources, media files, and live feed. It is a touch-based presentation system that features scroll, zoom, rotate, and interactive drawing tools, controlled by easy-to-master and intuitive gestures.

All these solutions are on display at the IBC 2013 MediaPower stand 7.J42 in RAI Amsterdam from September 13 to 17.

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