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Aveco the world's largest independent automation manufacturer, provides MCR Automation, News Production Automation, Sports Playout Solutions, Integrated Playout, Facility Management and Media Asset Management with Workflow Automation.


Aveco Solutions

The ASTRA and Redwood product families can be used in applications including live news-and-sports production, MCR playout, Integrated Channel Playout, mass ingest, ad insertion and disaster recovery.

All Aveco products can be integrated together as an end-to-end solution that covers the entire lifecycle of media from creation to delivery. Individual products can also be fully integrated into new and existing technical environments.


Aveco Products

ASTRA Studio
This news production automation solution provides several advantages:

  • More graphics, better on-air look, more viewers
  • Less human errors
  • PCR-MCR integration
  • Automating additional services such as Social Media or web publishing
  • Radical reduction in operational costs
ASTRA Studio is the only multi-studio news production automation solution available.

This master control playout automation system from Aveco manages everything from a single TV channel to large multichannel facilities, centralized as well as distributed across the globe.

Redwood BLUE
A multipurpose video engine providing ingest, playout and integrated channel origination. Features include graphics, DVEs, live signal switching, audio processing, and up to four video channels of ingest and/or playout per chassis. All major formats are supported. Aveco‘s automation layer integrates Redwood BLUE into any workflow. Video powered by Harmonic.

Redwood WHITE
An integrated graphics and playout engine running on COTS hardware. Open source software makes Redwood WHITE ideal for projects with limited budgets yet requiring high quality. Features include clip playout, multi-layer graphics, live signal switching and integrated channel origination. Aveco’s automation layer integrates Redwood WHITE into any workflow.

Whether you’re a station or network, a news or sports broadcaster, entertainment, music or shopping channel, we help you be a content factory, producing, managing and delivering content reliably, efficiently and with maximum impact.

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