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Beyond traditional scenography with dynamic LED walls

A QVC Case Study
  • Italy

  • Aprile 15, 2020

While traditional set designs can be effective at creating realistic settings and backdrops for promoting individual products, they provide very little flexibility, often requiring custom-built bulky set pieces for every product. There is no question that traditional set design provides much-appreciated realism, but QVC’s studios rolled out LED walls by Coleder and Totem LED wall technologies...

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KCET more efficient, streamlined at 50 years with Arkki

  • United States

  • Giugno 22, 2015

KCET is a community broadcaster in the US, part of the KCETLink Media Group. It is also the largest independent public television station in the United States. As it celebrates its golden anniversary in 2015, KCET effectively shortens its program review process with MediaPower Arkki enterprise MAM. For years, KCET relied on a lengthy and tedious program review process which entailed...

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Fox Italy and UK powered by Dalet through MediaPower

  • Italy

  • Aprile 01, 2015

To enhance flexibility and simplify the management of content delivery for their different channels, Fox Italia and UK rollout strategic and innovative solutions featuring Dalet, through MediaPower and Professional Show. The attached original article first appeared in Millecanali, written by Antonio Franco, for their March 2015 issue.

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Adopting New Media and Empowering Journalists

  • Europe

  • Febbraio 24, 2014

For a decade now, French news channel La Chaîne Info (LCI) has been front and center in delivering news to the television viewers of France. This case study on LCI using MediaPower's Newstouch shows how LCI exhibits the grace and passion of a veteran news provider - by adopting and embracing news from the web, instead of competing with other sources of information. As LCI launched its new shows...

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HD and more in Central Europe

  • Bucharest, Romania

  • Marzo 26, 2012

The CME group is a leading media company with television operations in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. With a central technical team based at Pro TV in Romania committed to implementing innovative solutions around a central standardised core, the group is bringing HD – and mobile television – to new markets and delivering on terrestrial, cable and...

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Project for videotapes digitization, logging and archive for FutureDigital

  • Asia

  • Febbraio 09, 2012

Digitization Overview Many activities contribute to “permanent accessibility – forever”. Just now, in the years of the 21st century, we are at a stage where much audiovisual material from the 20th century is in analogue form – and most of the options for trying to obtain “permanent accessibility – forever” are digital options. So digitization is of huge significance just now, as...

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Monetizing Media in the Age of Any Content, Any Where, Any Time

  • Any Where, Any Time...

  • Gennaio 02, 2012

The content explosion is well underway and shows no signs of slowing down. IDC predicts that digital content will grow 40x between now and 2020. This is being fueled not only by the digitization of film, print and video, but also by the general population who are now video producers too, using today’s camera enabled mobile devices. This convergence of broadcast, film, production, Internet,...

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La NewsRoom di Mediaset (ITA)

  • Italia

  • Novembre 10, 2011

Overview della soluzione recentemente realizzata a Mediaset per la gestione delle News.

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Ingest, Digitalizzazione, Editing e Archiviazione per il Centro Santa Chiara Audiovisivi

  • Roma

  • Settembre 10, 2010

Un progetto completo che coinvolge: - Ingest da sorgenti SDI SD/HD - File ingest da P2 - Editing tramite macchine FCP - Metadazione con il MAM di Etere - Storage On Line con DataDirect Networks - Archiviazione su LTO5

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Media Power System Integration for VOD IPTV on The Pearl

  • The Pearl Island (Doha - Qatar)

  • Marzo 02, 2009

The purpose of this document is to provide a detailed design about the IPTV implementation in Pearl Qatar Island, integrated with five various vendor components, namely, Cisco, Scientific Atlanta, Minerva, Widevine, and SeaChange with a proven ecosystem. The purpose of this document is to provide a detailed design about the IPTV implementation in Pearl Qatar Island, integrated with five...

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