Giugno 22, 2015

KCET more efficient, streamlined at 50 years with Arkki

KCET is a community broadcaster in the US, part of the KCETLink Media Group. It is also the largest independent public television station in the United States. As it celebrates its golden anniversary in 2015, KCET effectively shortens its program review process with MediaPower Arkki enterprise MAM.

For years, KCET relied on a lengthy and tedious program review process which entailed burning programs and promos on thousands of DVDs routed across KCET to various departments and executives. With Arkki, the process was simplified and made efficient. KCET now uses Arkki for its program review process across their enterprise - from the programming group, to promotions group, to legal department, down to the executives. Content can now be reviewed from anywhere within the facility or any remote location.

Check out how they implemented Arkki as the core element in the program review process with this case study.


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