Aprile 06, 2017

Easy Media Suite broadens market reach with MediaPower

MediaPower now an exclusive distributor of EMS products in Italy and France

Genoa, Italy (April 6, 2017) – TV broadcast playout and automation powerhouse Easy Media Suite and European technology solutions provider MediaPower forge a new alliance as EMS appoints MediaPower as exclusive distributor of EMS products in Italy and France.

Easy Media Suite offers a complete suite of module-based TV broadcast ingest, playout, CG, streaming, encoding, and automation solutions that work in both simple and complex applications. From small local TV channels to large and fully automated media centers, EMS products are designed to reduce cost and improve efficiency in TV channel operations.

MediaPower News | Easy Media Suite broadens market reach with MediaPowerMediaPower CEO Marcello Dellepiane says “Easy Media Suite’s module-based software solutions for TV playout and automation are some of the best in the industry. They are but a fitting addition to our arsenal of powerful and innovative offerings and this simply means we can serve and empower our customers in Italy and France even better.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with MediaPower in reaching out to a broader market” says EMS General Manager Sonya Chakarova. “MediaPower is an industry veteran and this just shows our commitment to support the changing TV broadcast landscape through our products, the expertise we have gained through many deployments, and our partnerships with long-trusted industry players.”

For inquiries on Easy Media Suite products, please email us at info@media-power.it or info@easymediasuite.com .

About MediaPower
MediaPower enables media workflows by providing solutions for media content production and delivery across multiple platforms. MediaPower was founded in 1993 as an integrator of certified networking and storage solutions for the media industry, such as SeaChange International, DataDirect Networks, and Dalet. www.media-power.it

About Easy Media Suite
Easy Media Suite (EMS) is one of the leading manufacturers of solutions for Playout, CG, Ingest, Media Asset Management, DVB Analyzer, IP Multi-Viewer, TV Broadcast Automation and many other customized solutions for broadcast applications. EMS was formed in 2006 as a brand of Devtek, a universally established company with global sales outlets, when it delivered its first system on the same year. In keeping with ever-changing TV landscape, EMS brings to market module-based software solutions for different TV broadcast requirements, through its team of dedicated engineers, developers and system architects. www.easymediasuite.com


Francisco Fronda
Marketing Director, MediaPower

Sonya Chakarova
General Manager, EMS

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