Maggio 24, 2018

MediaPower Brings Provys Home

MediaPower extends Provys partnership to Italy

May 24, 2018 (Genova, Italy) – MediaPower has extended its Provys partnership coverage to Italy. Following a successful cooperation that brought Provys products to France and other French-speaking regions through MediaPower back in 2015, MediaPower and Provys have now extended their partnership arrangements to MediaPower’s home country, Italy.

Provys develops renowned workflow management software for the broadcasting and media production industry, providing a highly reliable software suite that includes programme planning, production management, advertisement sales, rights management, content and MAM, and VOD/OTT management.

“This extension to our partnership arrangement is further evidence of our strong growth and the superior quality of our solutions,” says Karel Votroubek, Commercial Director, Provys.

“Our partnership with Provys is one for the long haul,” says MediaPower CEO Marcello Dellepiane. “We first introduced Provys in France and followed through by adding their sister company, Stream Circle, to our OTT line-up in 2017. And today, we are now bringing Provys to Italy. But it certainly doesn't end there, as we serve more customers outside traditional broadcasting, and we strongly believe in Provys’ solutions.”

About MediaPower
MediaPower enables media workflows through products and services that empower organisations to create, manage, deliver, and monetise digital media. Founded in 1993, MediaPower started as an integrator of networking and storage solutions for the broadcast industry, with products from the best broadcast and media brands such as SeaChange, DDN, NetApp, and Dalet. MediaPower has since developed multidisciplinary expertise in IT-based media workflows, media management, and content acquisition & distribution.

About Provys
PROVYS system is a world leading integrated management software solution for broadcasters and media corporations. It is designed and developed by broadcasting and software development professionals to meet all requirements of various broadcasters, and supports key operations in programming, scheduling, asset management, production management, self-promotion management, and transmission evaluation. And last but not least, they are very nice people.


Francisco Fronda
Marketing Director, MediaPower

Martin Junek
Marketing Director, Provys

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