Aprile 16, 2013

NAB rookie MediaPower received stamp of approval from industry experts

Genoa, Italy (Apr. 16, 2013) – European media technology solutions provider MediaPower received nods of approval from industry experts at the 2013 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Leading media and broadcasting magazine Broadcast Engineering branded MediaPower’s Arkki as one of its 2013 NAB Show Pick Hits.

Pick Hits are the most prestigious technical awards at the annual NAB. The most innovative products and technologies are chosen by an independent panel of judges from among the hundreds of exhibits on the show floor. The judges evaluate the best of the best based on several criteria, including their ability to improve a facility’s technical and financial operations.

Arkki is a simple and innovative media manager application built on a robust storage platform. It gives content providers the power to store, catalog, retrieve, and manage thousands of videos, images, and documents, all in a 64TB appliance. Its search engine boasts of a rough-cut and sub-clip generation facility that enables users to find content in seconds. Both the business users and the IT administrators find Arkki useful, with its workspace customization and system utilization monitoring, all accessible via a web interface.

“We may be rookies in NAB, but we are veterans in the media industry,” said MediaPower Chief Executive Officer Marcello Dellepiane. “We understand that broadcasters need to adapt to the competitive environment very quickly, and that is our drive to come up with turnkey solutions like Arkki. We are excited to introduce Arkki globally – and to get more awards next year!”

For more information on MediaPower’s MAM-in-a-box solution Arkki, visit www.media-power.it.

About MediaPower
MediaPower enables media workflows by providing solutions for media content production and delivery across multiple platforms. MediaPower was founded in 1993 as an integrator of certified networking and storage solutions for the media industry, such as SeaChange International (now XOR Media), DataDirect Networks, and Dalet. www.media-power.it


Francisco Fronda
Marketing Director, MediaPower

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