Dicembre 30, 2011

New System Deployed to MTV3 Finland for Ingest, Editing, Play Out and Archive

Customer Project Goals :

-Replace several existing system with a new complete platform.
-New platform must be fully redundant.
-New platform must increase storage capacity of current systems.
-Increase ingestion capability providing a large number of SH/HD multi standard ingestion channels.
-Increase playout capability providing a large number of HD playout able to perform SD up-conversion to HD and HD down-conversion to SD for real-time playout.
-New platform allows edit in place, play in place and direct connections with NLE.
-New platform allows the use of standard FTP and standard CIFS protocols for data exchange from/to the platform.
-New platform allows third party solution to access the video repository in order to act as a cache bucket for quality control and transcoding purpose workflows.

MTV3 Today
Currently MTV3 it’s using a number of different video servers in order to put on air the current channel line-out. MTV3 uses the Seachange BMC as player solution for ad-insertion and promos, use the SeaChange BML and the Omneon to all the normal programs and long-form, while all the current HD channels are broadcasted by Omneon.


Francisco Fronda
Marketing Director, MediaPower

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