Maggio 23, 2017

Primocanale will crowdsource news with MediaPower NewsApp

Primocanale to augment coverage of upcoming papal visit to Genoa with videos from users using smartphone app

Genoa, Italy (May 23, 2017) – Primocanale, the largest TV station in Liguria, in partnership with MediaPower will begin sourcing user-generated content (UGC) through MediaPower’s NewsApp news-sharing platform. Through NewsApp’s mobile app, Primocanale viewers can contribute to Primocanale’s news coverage. Primocanale will officially start using videos shared through the app in Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to Genoa on May 27, 2017.

MediaPower News | Primocanale will crowdsource news with MediaPower NewsApp
NewsApp is MediaPower’s news sharing platform, which aims to bring broadcasters and ordinary citizens together into a more timely, cost-effective, and mutually beneficial newsgathering process. NewsApp lets broadcasters and news organizations source videos from their viewers, followers and user networks, via a smartphone app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Users of the app can shoot, tag, and send videos to broadcasters in real-time. The NewsApp platform can help build loyal user networks as they become an integral part of the news gathering process and the news content creation.

Primocanale will pilot the NewsApp sharing platform in an upcoming visit of Pope Francis to Genoa on May 27. User-generated content will become part of Primocanale’s communications and news gathering strategies, allowing its mobile users (from viewers, operators, to sponsors) to share videos and pictures of the papal visit with the network. Primocanale’s newsroom will review content shared through the NewsApp platform and select some of the best footage for use in their on-air broadcast.

“We are excited to see our partnership with Primocanale in action when Pope Francis visits Genoa,” said Marcello Dellepiane, MediaPower CEO. “At MediaPower, we believe that introducing content from users with an easy-to-use and mobile platform is not just an invaluable approach to newsgathering, but also a way to enrich local communities by enjoining them in the broadcast content creation process.”

To learn more about NewsApp, visit .

About MediaPower
MediaPower enables media workflows by providing solutions for media content production and delivery across multiple platforms. MediaPower was founded in 1993 as an integrator of certified networking and storage solutions for the media industry, such as SeaChange International, DataDirect Networks, and Dalet.

About Primocanale
Primocanale is the largest TV station and media company in Liguria. It was founded in 1982 in Genoa by Maurizio Rossi with the aim of informing people about local issues. Today, Primocanale has become the first all-news television in Liguria. Primocanale can be seen on digital terrestrial platform channel 10, and via streaming or on-demand in the Primocanale website.


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Marketing Director, MediaPower

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Marketing, MediaPower

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