Marzo 18, 2013

Thank you for coming to see MediaPower at CABSAT 2013 in Dubai

We hope you enjoyed the vast new knowledge of state-of-the-art industry technologies you acquired at the show. For your convenience, we're sending you here some of your key takeaways:

Store, catalog, retrieve, and manage content onlilne through a media asset management solution-in-a-box. Arkki combines a powerful and efficient MAM technology with a robust storage platform of up to 64TB.

Production, ingest, and play-to-air functionalities now come in a single 2RU ready-to-go box. AirGo is a turnkey solution for multi-channel broadcasting that combines automation, playout, and interactive graphics overlay in one system with up to 30TB of storage.

Broadcast press clippings, live video, or sports commentary using a touch-based interface. NewsTouch is a standalone, multimedia presentation appliance for a live broadcasting environment.


Francisco Fronda
Marketing Director, MediaPower

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