Arkki Suite

Arkki Suite: management of digital assets

Securely store, organize and share your content

Arkki Suite is MediaPower's powerful and complete solution for the total management of the digital content lifecycle.
Arkki Suite, Media Power proprietary solution, is a powerful MAM, used for years in the Broadcasting induztry and now also available in the Medical, Heritage and Industry markets.
Arkki allows digital asset managers, both in traditional areas and increasingly in those sectors where there is a steady progressive increase in the production and use of digital contents, full control of resources and therefore a positive response in terms of economic return.
Arkki, a modular solution, simplifies and optimizes any business workflow, producing immediate results not only for the benefit of the administrative functions, but also for the benefit of commercial, marketing and sales functions.

Arkki Ingest

Capture, recording, encoding and decoding of digital content
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Arkki Transcoder

Part of the Arkki suite, encoder and transcoder for all format needs
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Arkki Velocity - Share Storage

The shared, definitive, scalable nas storage
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Arkki EVO - MaM

Digital asset manager: browsing, research, visualization, editing
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Arkki Play&Stream

Multi-format multi-channel distribution of any digital multimedia content
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Arkki Touch - Storytelling

The presenter module, a complete solution for digital storytelling
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Arkki TV OTT

How to deliver to the various devices of the end user using multiple networks
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Arkki Suite: digital as a strategy

Digital transformation

Arkki is the heart of a series of integrated modular HW and SW solutions that allow to manage any digital workflow.

From acquisition, management and up to the final user engagement, Arkki Suite will ensure strategic support, to the benefit of the infrastructures and processes involved in the management, publication and monetization of content.
Media Power, a technology reference, is your reliable and experienced partner to rely on in order to adopt new strategies related to the digital transformation.
Arkki Suite: a complete, flexible, integrated system.






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