PSS - Portable Streaming Solutions

Portable Recording and Streaming Solution

Record, stream, distribute & monetize

PSS is a MediaPower exclusive product.
It is aimed at all organizations that develop cycles of conferences, courses over multiple sessions, repetitive or repeated events, often using locations that are not fully equipped for good quality shooting.
Becoming independent in the production of the content and in its immediate streaming transmission, always using the same aesthetic and video rendering standards, allows you to effectively connect the message transmitted to the company that produces and disseminates it.
PSS is the Media Power product that allows you to go online with simplicity and communicative effectiveness: recording and streaming anytime, anywhere.
PSS gathers in itself all the equipment needed today to record and transmit up to 4 video streams in a simple, economical and efficient way.
A simple trolley on wheels becomes a complete gallery to manage events and broadcast them remotely on any channel, including social networks.

An uncompromising "video flightcase"

MediaPower allows any user in the corporate area to fully manage "micro events" where video footage from different angles becomes a professional stream to be sent on channels of your choice.
Sporting events, corporate, medical, convention facilities, training, distance learning and anyone involved with video will all appreciate the operational simplicity and low cost of this in-a-box remote streaming solution.
Typical examples of use:






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