Cultural heritage becomes digital

Your cultural heritage becomes social and virtual

Digital presence and virtual experience

Digitization today offers cultural institutions such as museums, art galleries, exhibitions, private collections etc. the possibility of a new and renewed accessibility to one's finds, documents, stories, atmospheres.......

Safe &Digital by Media Power is the product to digitize your artistic and cultural heritage.
A digital archive not only safeguards the "memory", but also organizes and relates, in addition to textual information, photos, videos and any other digital asset for a quick and complete search.

Thanks to the FRTV Module, your memory can be transformed into a virtual, immersive 360 ° experience in which the visitor can perceive the suggestions and calls of the physical place.

Transforming from Physical to Virtual

Safe & Digital simplifies all activities in the digital workflow, from acquisition to user engagement. Using some dedicated modules, it manages the total and centralized organization of contents, recording, streaming, and the on-demand usability of artistic and museum multimedia materials.
Safe & Digital - with the powerful MAM Arkki Evo at the center - allows you to manage everything:






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