Arkki EVO - Digital Asset Manager

Arkki EVO: Perfect Archives

Digital Asset Manager: Browsing, Search, Visualization, Editing

Arkki EVO, the heart that centrally manages: browsing, multi-instance search, visualization, editing.

  • It fosters digital transformation through shared consolidated content and data libraries.
    Improve company agility through cross-functional collaborative workflows.
  • Advanced organization of digital assets through collections, properties, metadata, etc.
  • Secure access to content anytime, anywhere.
  • Easily share content with internal and external users (marketing agencies, affiliates, support providers, resellers, etc.).
  • Automate content distribution and publishing (partners, e-commerce, websites, streaming).
  • Optimize and / or automate workflows by integrating with other systems or software.

Arkki EVO Essential Cloud

up&running in 24 hours
500 per month*
  • Cloud instance with guaranteed resources: 4vCore (2Ghz) CPU and 15GB Ram
  • 250GB of disk space to store your assets and 1Gbps of bandwidth **
  • Backup and optional additional space, which can be activated on demand
  • Guaranteed remote support 8x5 NBD via ticket
  • "In-a-box" digital asset manager
    CMS front-end and advanced metadata management
    Users, groups and permissions management
    Watchfolders IN / OUT
    Rights management
    Up to 5 simultaneous "editors" users
    Advanced search engine
    Multimedia file transcoding and processing engine
    Video and sequence editor
    Workgroup collaboration tools

Arkki EVO

The scalable and powerful DAM
On Request
  • Cloud or on-premise choice
  • Perpetual license
  • Scalable microservices infrastructure
  • Business-critical advanced support
  • Digital asset manager distributed on microservices
    CMS front-end and advanced metadata management
    Users, groups and permissions management
    Watchfolders IN / OUT
    Rights management
    Unlimited users
    Integration with LDAP and AZURE AD with SAML2
    Custom search engine
    Advanced processing engine
    Transcoding cluster for video and audio files
    Video and sequence editor
    Workgroup collaboration tools
    Multi tenancy
    Quantum Stornext, Sony ODA, Telestream Vantage and Signiant support

Arkki Suite Solutions


MediaPower collection of intertwined and modular "cost effective" solutions that allows Media Companies to manage all the production and distribution of digital content

Arkki Ingest

Capture, recording, encoding and decoding of digital content
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Arkki Transcoder

Part of the Arkki suite, encoder and transcoder for all format needs
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Arkki Velocity - Share Storage

The shared, definitive, scalable nas storage
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Arkki EVO - MaM

Digital asset manager: browsing, research, visualization, editing
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Arkki Play&Stream

Multi-format multi-channel distribution of any digital multimedia content
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Arkki Touch - Storytelling

The presenter module, a complete solution for digital storytelling
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Arkki TV OTT

How to deliver to the various devices of the end user using multiple networks
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