Double interview at NAB 23, fourth and last part.

Some of the broadcast & media news with Fabio Veggiato and Eugenio Pettazzi by MediaPower: innovative workflows with ARKKI

With this fourth and final part, we close a long chat with Fabio Veggiato and Eugenio Pettazzi by MediaPower aimed at describing some of the new structures of the entire broadcast & media sectors.


Presspool: “In the previous parts we talked above all about Streaming, 5G, the proprietary ARKKI suite, AI-ML, remote production, content customization, and profiling. Can we do a quick summary?”


Fabio Veggiato: “We talked about streaming, a truly great revolution, with revenues of billions of dollars and growing.

On-demand today also involves linear television and the worldwide FAST CHANNELS (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) are very low-cost channels that can be launched easily.

Still streaming on the public network is already widely used also in the contribution, replacing the expensive dedicated fibres.

MediaPower to respond to this revolution offers Caton Technology and TVU Networks.

The first is with Caton Prime and Caton Transport Protocol (CTP) products, ideal for distributing live video streaming in the highest AV quality with total reliability, with very low latency, securely on any private network or on the public internet.

TVU Networks, thanks to the IS+ transmission technology over IP, allows for lower latency and high resilience, compared to SRT, for distribution and contribution even in UHD”.

The suite

“Speaking of revolutionary techniques in digital television production, MediaPower offers a workhorse at a fraction of the cost of apparently similar suites, operating on-prem, in the cloud or in a mixed configuration: the proprietary suite “ARKKI”.

Heart of any AV workflow and divided into specially dedicated modules, born in the wake of over 30 years of experience, it manages all production segments in an ideal and centralized way: acquisition, contribution, transcode, storage, indexing, intelligent archive, transmission, multiplatform distribution, streaming, monetization.

Based on AI and ML, the scalable ARKKI suite responds to the needs of “anywhere-anytime” production, user and content profiling and personalization, automation of procedures and simplification in the management and distribution of large-scale content, so as to be able to stand out in a competitive landscape.

Among the pluses, AI-based tagging, automated meta-ownership behaviours, duplicate detection, text and speech recognition, context-sensitive search, optimal use of resources and customization of different variations from the same content for any channel”.

The 5G

“5G, another revolutionary topic, today allows increased connectivity and remote production on more powerful and effective connection networks thanks to higher speed, reliability and QoS, lower latency and greater capacity.

Thanks to “Network Slicing”, which involves the use of dedicated sections of the network, it can become a cheaper and more efficient alternative in the contribution.

5G will significantly boost streaming, contribution, futuristic applications, content personalization, smart device solutions, and live event streaming.

MediaPower, for these areas, relaunches TVU Networks in Italy which with TVU RPS (Remote Production System) manages remote production, post-production and commentary in the cloud.

Low latency, less than a second, thanks to TVU ONE, with which you can transfer live video in UHD H265 quality, at 100 Mbps, over an infrastructure with a 5G cellular connection.

It can aggregate up to 12 internet connections for perfectly synchronized (Time Stamp) high-speed broadcasts from multiple remote sources, routing them to any production studio and live streaming in real-time.”


“MediaPower brands that make use of AI-ML, in addition to the proprietary ARKKI suite, are Wildmoka/BacklightLinius and Newsbridge.

Wildmoka/Backlight, with “Auto ReZone” analyzes the video and modifies it in real time adapting it perfectly to any screen and distribution channel, format or social media channel.

StoryBot“, allows you to automatically manage clips and video sequences defined by favourite actions, and create summaries of events for near-live customization requested by the user.

Newsbridge, with automatic metadata “MXT1“, based on generative and multimodal AI, allows you to find content in less than a second and can describe what is in videos, photos and audio files.

Last but not least, Linius offers “Match Vision” for a personalized video experience to increase fan involvement (and profiling) through compilations that the user himself requests and obtains “on the fly”.


Presspool: “At the NAB there was also a lot of interest in VR (Virtual Reality), XR (Extended Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) visualization and displays for multi-purpose uses, entertainment, sports, news and, above all, Virtual Studio and News. Can we elaborate?”


Eugenio Pettazzi: “For these areas, which are definitely growing and for a society strongly based on image, there is more and more talk of LED Walls and virtual studio tools.

Here MediaPower offers ARKKI NewTouchStirlitz and the top of the range in VR Zero Density.

More and more news studios are implementing LED WALLs on set to have more opportunities to share visual content and hold viewers’ attention.

This allows sports reporters to highlight more stats in sports on screen, such as post-game football.

The same happens in the presentation of the weather where we can share maps of storms or atmospheric events in a more detailed, more participatory and real-time way.

Displayed like this on large screens makes broadcasts much more engaging, and MediaPower’s ARKKI NewsTouch is a powerful yet simple example of a touch-based multimedia presentation platform for live broadcasting.

 Media IP Multiviewer is a modern, light and fast software solution for viewing any number of channels in a mosaic on one or more screens – physical and virtual.

Stirlitz Media provides software solutions for broadcasters, TV and OTT platforms, government agencies, media analysis and monitoring companies and for all those who wish to capture, archive or analyze broadcast video, audio and metadata in high quality.

These multi-screen views can be accessed from anywhere, through a simple and intuitive interface.

LED WALL technology is also revolutionizing production with virtual sets.

Today more and more in the studios there are large walls of LED Walls to replace the GREEN WALLS.

In virtual sets, Zero Density – a recognized reference in this sector – won the “Product of the Year” award at NAB 2023, thanks to its new camera tracking solution, “Traxis Camera Tracker”.

Zero Density allows the perfect fusion between physical and virtual worlds, the Virtual Studio with innovative super realistic XR solutions based on AR and LED, for entertainment, news and sports”.

Zero Density thus confirms itself as a true turning point in the world of Virtual Sets, Extended Reality, Augmented Reality and MR.

We are more than ready with a demo to explain how any workgroup can benefit and hit the objectives of any workflow thanks to our powerful brands and workflow-creating capabilities.

Meet us also at IBC 2023 Amsterdam 15-18 September 2023″.






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