New technologies for audiovisual preservation: the seminar at Milano Audiovisual Forum and MediaPower’s ARKKI

The Milano Audiovisual Forum (MAF), held from November 16 to 17, 2023, hosted several HD Forum seminars, including one dedicated to new technologies for audiovisual preservation.

The seminar, titled “New Technologies and Audiovisual Preservation,” addressed this topic in an era of rapid technological innovation.

It emphasized the importance of preserving audiovisual heritage for future generations and presented new technologies that can help achieve this.

Technologies discussed in the seminar include:

– Digitalization, converting analog audiovisual content into a durable and accessible digital format.

– Compression, reducing the size of digital files for efficient storage.

– Cybersecurity, protecting audiovisual content from unauthorized access and safeguarding cultural heritage from damage or loss.

– Audiovisual restoration, dedicated to recovering and preserving AV content that has suffered damage or deterioration over time, aiming to revitalize historical material without overusing technologies like AI.


MediaPower, a digital workflow integrator, with over 30 years of experience, participated in this crucial discussion. Paolo Birra, CTO, joined the panel, emphasizing the importance of investing in new technologies to ensure the preservation of audiovisual heritage for future generations. MediaPower introduced ARKKI EVO, the mature successor to the award-winning ARKKI MAM, launched in 2013.

ARKKI was introduced as an economical, more efficient, and fully integrated alternative for managing multimedia assets. Over the years, ARKKI has evolved into a robust system with enterprise features, MAM-in-a-box configurations, or MAM software for virtual environments. In 2018, ARKKI EVO was developed as a successor, expanding digital management beyond videos.


Market Positioning and Key Features:

Today, ARKKI EVO is an innovative Digital Asset Manager (DAM) that enables content providers to efficiently manage, catalog, share, edit, retrieve, distribute, and monetize digital assets. Based on a dynamic and scalable architecture, ARKKI EVO adapts to various workflows, from broadcast to medical services, sports, government services, commerce, production, marketing communication, restoration, corporate, and more.

Key features include online control of digital archives, storage management, advanced search engine, integrated video editing, collaboration tools, support for various multimedia file types, and MAM task automation, along with multi-platform distribution.

Recent developments include various enhancements such as increased API functions, the implementation of an AI engine to lighten repetitive tasks, integration with Adobe Premiere, integration with various cloud containers, improved graph structure network, refined user interface, and a dedicated restoration plugin.

ARKKI EVO offers unique flexibility, configurable to different needs:

– On-premises, fully managed locally at the client’s site.

– In the cloud, in a Software as a Service (SAAS) configuration, allowing clients to use and pay for the service only when needed.

– In MediaPower’s dedicated cloud in the Sophia Antipolis data center in Nice.

– A hybrid configuration combining on-premises and cloud.

The “Operating Lease” trump card:

ARKKI EVO’s unique advantage lies in MediaPower’s ability to offer the “operating lease” option. This service guarantees MediaPower’s clients hardware and software solutions through leasing. MediaPower simplifies the process by providing operational leasing and becoming a single point of contact, reducing procurement complexity, offering greater negotiating power, lowering monthly financial burdens, and ensuring technological solution updates.

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The Milano Audiovisual Forum (MAF), held from November 16 to 17, 2023, hosted the seminar “New Technologies and Audiovisual Preservation,” promoted by the HD Forum. The event emphasized the importance of preserving audiovisual heritage, introducing innovative solutions. In particular, MediaPower presented ARKKI EVO, the successor to the award-winning ARKKI MAM, focused on advanced multimedia asset management. Paolo Birra, CTO of MediaPower, participated in the panel, highlighting the need to invest in new technologies to ensure heritage preservation. ARKKI EVO offers extended digital management beyond videos, with advanced features like an artificial intelligence engine and integration with Adobe Premiere. The “operating lease” option proposed by MediaPower makes ARKKI EVO a unique choice, streamlining the supply process, reducing risks, and easing financial burdens for broadcast and media companies.



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