EasyTools and Italian partner and co-exhibitor MediaPower invite you: cocktail on Saturday 10 Sept 17h at IBC 2022, booth 1.A41

EasyTools OpenHeadend: video infrastructures as a service.

We kindly remind you that, for all those who will be present in Amsterdam during the IBC days from 9 to 12 September 2022, at Booth 10866, it will be possible to shake the hand of the founder of EasyTools Christophe Massiot, and the CEO of MediaPower, Italian partner, Marcello DellePiane. .

Among the various standard-bearers of MediaPower you can also greet Silvana Conti, Sales Manager, Paolo Birra, PM, and receive an important update on the latest news of this important “As a Service” solution.

Marcello Dellepiane CEO of MediaPower declares:

“Renowned software developer, EasyTools offers a dual solution, on premise and in the cloud, capable of performing multi-service and“ as a service ”broadcast operations.

The platform called OpenHeadend, on PCs and standard expansion cards, can fully manage multiple functions, such as Encoding, Decoding, Transcoding, Mux, DeMux.

It is no coincidence that we talk about OpenHeadend as the company, distributed in Italy by MediaPower who are also partners, is able to offer a complete headend at very interesting costs.

There is nothing to install and just a simple USB dongle. “

Pay as you go

Among the features that make this system very interesting, playout, audio filtering and many other features depending on the services purchased.

IBC 2022 is an important moment for EasyTools in which several new features that are excellent for a broadcaster are launched, in configuration on private or public cloud and in “pay only what you need” configuration.

Service areas

Four service and product areas are followed: transmission, encoding, playout and monitoring.

For transmission EasyTools manages SRT in multi client mode; SRT optimization up to 200 Mbi / s per core, new SMPTE 2022-7 compatible sps transmission functions for uncompressed IP redundancy; added support for VPN wireguard and a compact SRT coder / decoder.

For Internet distribution EasyTools proposes a new MPEG-DASH packager, a new RTMP stream server, support for CMAF output, and for HLS S3, and for HLS inputs over HTTPS.

For the world of contribution and distribution, EasyTools has added support for multistream PLS transponders.

In the field of encoding, decoding and transcoding, support is implemented for SDI and HDMI outputs from Blackmagic cards, new video filter libraries that include deinterlacing and frame rate conversion.

Then support for hardware encoding and decoding using Intel QuickSync and encapsulations for AAC.

Also with EasyTools it is possible to manage “Ad replacement” with new time signal support for SCTE-104 and 35.

Another segment affected by the novelties of EasyTools is the playout of files, where an intuitive Front-end (always as a service) is available for provisioning and scheduling any type of file.

The time delay is also configurable at the buffering level to avoid jitter.

In monitoring and switching, EasyTools takes care of GPIO support as input and output.

Also added contextual support of functions in schedules to simplify configuration; an improvement in still image detection for analog noise.

Added bitrate logger with CSV export and also raw counters for all error rates, in order to facilitate monitoring.

A new cross-platform application was implemented in Recording to access records and the addition of support for extracting subtitles to EBU-STL files.

Last but not least, the Multiviewing section offers a new package with hardware decoding of up to 30 HD sources.

Marcello Dellepiane closes:

“This solution becomes particularly interesting for broadcasters and for making excellent projects, also because it boasts absolute stability and is perfect for the entire headend section relating to contribution and diffusion.

The possibilities are really many in the headend applications, as well as the news that we can’t await to show you.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

EasyTools and MediaPower, on the occasion of IBC, invite friends and customers for a cocktail at their booth, 1.A41 Saturday 10/9 in the afternoon at 17.00.

For a better planning of the event, we ask you to kindly fill in the form: https://bit.ly/3RarDEp

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