MediaPower launches a partnership with Zero Density

“Virtual reality will devour today’s television alive!” Marcello Dellepiane

MediaPower with over 30 years of experience and expertise in design, distribution and implementation as an integrator of broadcast services and digital workflows, is pleased to announce an operational partnership with Zero Density, a specialized and well-known company in the Virtual studio & real-time TV graphics.

With headquarters in Turkey, an office in the United States and an important customer base, Zero Density will henceforth be distributed and assisted for Italy and France by MediaPower.


The comment from the CEO of MediaPower

“In our long journey in the Broadcast & Media areas”, said MediaPower CEO Marcello Dellepiane, “we never intended to simply aggregate important brands to reflect a prestige deserved by others.

Rather, we focused on introducing new solutions and products that can truly revolutionize the services offered in areas where we were already very strong.

Today, being able to offer, in a true partnership, the innovative solutions of Zero Density is certainly a source of great pride and satisfaction.

Just think of Traxis, the markerless talent tracking system, or Re Ampere, revolutionary in the generation of virtual TV sets and broadcast graphics.

And then again to the native Reality Engine platforms for real-time compositing; and proprietary key technologies such as Reality Keyer, as well as a long line of highly innovative solutions in virtual reality.

It is evident that we can only be thrilled to join as partners at Zero Density, happy to affix our name to this reference of cutting-edge technologies already used by some of the largest companies in the world, broadcasters and content creators”.


Thanks to this strategic partnership, MediaPower customers, especially broadcasters and content creators, but also companies in the corporate and events area, will be able to access the fantastic world of Zero Density virtual production with real-time VFX effects never seen before.

Zero Density also recently released its first hardware solution, RealityEngine Ampere, which can double the rendering performance of graphics in real time.

This was quickly followed by Traxis talentS, the industry’s first AI-based markerless tracking system.

Zero Density is a world reference in virtual studio and real-time graphics technologies for broadcasts, live events and e-sports.

From the Olympics to Louis Vuitton’s virtual fashion shows, Zero Density’s native Unreal Engine platform, Reality Engine, has been used by some of the world’s largest companies, including RTL, Eurosport and France Télévisions.

These virtual technologies combine to make audiovisual production much more creative and dynamic and push the viewer to discover “new things” he had not considered before, almost pushed to know a part of reality that he was previously unaware of.


The comment from Ulaş Kaçmaz, VP Sales and Marketing at Zero Density:

“With over three decades of industry experience, MediaPower is renowned for helping customers across Italy and across Europe create, manage, distribute and monetize digital content. By combining our real-time graphics solutions with their extensive operational experience, we are thrilled to continue pushing the boundaries of what broadcasters can do”.


Marcello Dellepiane concludes:

“These very high-tech Zero Density solutions allow to tackle audiovisual production in new media, truly unleashing the creative-artistic instinct and largely forgetting the limits of television languages and traditional techniques.

It is certainly not a question of visually shocking with pure sensationalism in order to obtain an immediate reaction from the viewer, even if a certain “wow effect” is guaranteed and sought, but above all to create wonder in the Aristotelian sense, that amazement that leads to desire for knowledge and then to suggest that interaction that is typical of the current trends of multichannel participatory fruition”.



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