Part two. Double interview at NAB 23. Some of the broadcast & media news with Fabio Veggiato and Eugenio Pettazzi of MediaPower: innovative workflows with ARKKI

With this second episode, our double interview from NAB 2023 continues with Fabio Veggiato Sales & Marketing Manager of MediaPower and also Eugenio Pettazzi, Sales Manager of MediaPower, to grasp the most interesting trends and innovations that cross the entire media sector, broadcast and audio-video.


Presspool: “This time we are going to deepen the discussion on the aforementioned MediaPower proprietary suite “ARKKI” which rightly falls within the more general shift of operational structures towards the cloud operation, based on AI”.


Fabio Veggiato: The concept of cloud and “anywhere-anytime” production is increasingly present and it is not a novelty of the NAB.

However, here we have seen the emphasis shift from a ‘new technology’ to a ‘working standard’, where the debate moves to the specifics of workflows and implementations, rather than the underlying technology itself.

The cloud today becomes especially interesting in the three segments: Ingesting, Archiving, Playout.

MediaPower through the proprietary software suite ARKKI offers a real revolution of the entire production process, making it simpler, more reliable and scalable.

ARKKI EVO is the central, unified and AI-based DAM of the indispensable suite for creating, managing and delivering large-scale content.

It allows automatic metadating of archive material in the ingest phase with the “speech-to-text”, “face, object & logo recognition” and also “scene detection” functions.

This makes content creation at scale easily accessible to all without sacrificing quality or brand consistency.

Anyone, today, in the crowded media market must increase their content production in order to distinguish themselves and ARKKI was born to push team productivity further.

User profiling also becomes more and more precise and complete, thus pushing marketing efforts to the next level.

Presspool: “Can we analyze in more detail the various modules of this suite that seems to have all the potential to simplify workflows and improve content personalization?”


Eugenio Pettazzi: “We start with ARKKI Ingest which is the module that simplifies the acquisition and encoding and multi-channel video transcoding, in real time and from multiple data sources.

It also simultaneously records and manages nearly endless capture sessions.

We then move on to ARKKI Transfer, the customizable and branded mobile app module for capturing, tagging and uploading images/videos to a back-end system.

The back-end provides access to all contents to be catalogued, consulted, edited and downloaded.

It supports reward mechanism for user generated content.

ARKKI EVO is the powerful global centralized DAM platform, the fundamental heart of digital asset management.

The complexity and chaos of content sprawl are no longer a challenge thanks to EVO, the integrated DAM platform that enables production to thrive through exceptional content experiences.

Delivering the right content, to the right people, on the right channel, at the right time requires careful orchestration of data, customers and content, coupled with AI technology that automates and streamlines content delivery.”

Presspool: “AI makes it possible to greatly improve the availability of resources and therefore has a significant impact on the workflow, also because it allows for an increase in the level of automation of repetitive operations. In what other functions is it valuable?”

Eugenio Pettazzi: “ARKKIEVO’s artificial intelligence and automation are essential to allow customers to automate large-scale operations, provide personalized content ideal for each adventure and generate measurable ROI.

ARKKI EVO Allows you to archive, catalogue, organize, edit, retrieve, share and distribute all your digital assets quickly and efficiently.

Artificial intelligence and automation have been developed to help clients thrive in the digital market and maximize the value of their assets: this allows you to generate top content that maintains audience engagement”.

Presspool: “We could perhaps say that MediaPower’s unwavering commitment to innovation has been an integral part of its continued success in the broadcast & media sector and that this proprietary suite based on AI and offered at very attractive prices almost becomes a logical extension of such a philosophy?”


Fabio Veggiato: “Yes, of course. Artificial intelligence offers endless possibilities for professionals in production, distribution, monetization and marketing, seeking to make an impact and stand out in a competitive landscape.

ARKKI EVO is certainly one of the most exciting innovations that we offer to our customers and among the AI-based solutions that enable content management at scale.

These include AI-powered tagging, automated meta-ownership behaviors, and duplicate detection to help organize and classify high volumes of content, without putting too much strain on teams and individuals.

The suite leverages text-in-image recognition and context-sensitive search to help quickly locate the resources we need, even using a variety of search inputs, including potentially ambiguous topics and even URLs, to get the most relevant results.

AI can help scale content creation efforts by automating parts of the creation and distribution process for optimal use of assets in different formats and sizes, without unnecessarily overburdening creative teams.

Creating different variants of the same content to suit the customization of different output channels can be unnecessarily expensive in terms of time and resources.

The capability for automation comes in to facilitate the creation of on-brand variations of digital assets at scale, in multiple sizes or formats, to suit the needs of any channel.”


Presspool: “The ARKKI suite also consists of other modules. I imagine they are suitable both for television broadcasters and for those who produce and distribute digital content on any scale?”

Fabio Veggiato: “Yes, the suite is modular in order to adapt to every need and adapt to all the demands of the media, broadcast, audiovisual markets, but also corporate, educational, heritage, medical, museum, AV production and more:

ARKKI Play&Stream is the high-density, highly scalable, cloud-hybrid, resilient streaming and playback system module with live video input.

Plays multiple and mixed formats with dynamic conversion and a wide range of input and output options up to 10-bit 8K HDR.

ARKKI Newstouch is the touch-based multimedia presentation module for live broadcasting. Simplify the live production of live and recorded news clippings, web content, and media files in the studio.

ARKKI Visia is the integrated and modular traffic system for complete TV workflow management. It features advertising, scheduling (daily and strategic), account management and multi-channel planning with channel comparison.

MediaPower NRCS simplifies news management by enabling journalists to easily manage media content, collaborate with colleagues, and schedule news stories in advance, while providing automation capabilities to streamline the content creation process.

Safe & Digital digitises, catalogues, organizes and shares cultural or corporate heritage collections effectively.

Showcase digital asset collections in the best possible light and in the highest possible quality.

It allows you to preserve stories and memorabilia for future generations.

In practice, and without any exaggeration, I can say that MediaPower, thanks to ARKKI, has the solution that best fits every market and application and at a fraction of the cost of similar suites.

We are more than ready with a demo to explain how any workgroup can benefit and hit the objectives of any workflow thanks to a DAM platform with artificial intelligence capabilities, automation and much more”.






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