Studio Network Solutions: Shared Storage, even remotely, a step ahead


The SNS EVO Shared Storage Server is a complete workflow solution for creative media teams.

SNS, Studio Network Solutions, distributed and assisted in Italy by MediaPower, proposes the EVO solution so that publishers, colorists and producers can live in harmony knowing that their media and projects are easy to access, share, find and make profitable.

Silvana Conti, MediaPower Product Manager in the broadcast markets describes SNS EVO as “a solution that includes a video production / storage server and a software suite for the complete management of shared projects, which optimally combines simplicity, functionality and performance”.

SNS products are basically workflow solutions for professionals engaged in media production which are used by thousands of organizations to create everything from Hollywood movies and TV shows, series, video books, sports and news.

However, the list is still long because it includes among users marketing and educational / training videos, corporate, TV / OTT / Internet content, and more.

MediaPower offers the EVO software suite which includes three app modules, ShareBrowser, Nomad and Slingshot, so that all editors – with unlimited licenses for the whole team – can work collaboratively, in a distributed way and cooperate effectively.

The workflow becomes more usable, decisive, modern and practical, on prem but also remotely.

EVO hardware, operating system and software suite, is designed specifically for video / film / TV, graphics, VFX, animation, audio and broadcast production environments.
But not only.

The standout features include 8K-ready performance, up to 50 GbE available, and SSD and HDD-based storage.

Silvana Conti Media PowerSilvana Conti continues: “Born to work practically anywhere, ShareBrowser, as it relies on a powerful MAM, allows the“ scattered” creative team to tag, organize, find, comment and review video, image and audio files.

Slingshot is the powerful automation engine and a powerful API for EVO, which manages on-premise and cloud backup of services, such as S3, Azure and Dropbox.

It also includes tight integrations with leading professional applications, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Final Cut Pro, native Avid Media Composer and bin sharing, Resolve database hosting, and more.

Scalable for teams of any size, EVO aims to be the ultimate solution for video production.”


Broadcast, cinema but also corporate

In media production it is essential to be able to rely on a smart workflow, since many have lost hours of precious work for an editing system that is not too friendly and intelligent, especially when the contents are shared.

In addition to the sectors traditionally interested in SNS EVO, such as cinema and television, the demand for corporate business videos is certainly growing steadily.

From marketing to training, institutional and educational, practically every company today has started its adventure in video and the internal team, which has become increasingly important, must be fast and efficient, so rely on the right tools.

Often the post production team has multiplied and it is not uncommon for companies to have a team exceeding a dozen employees.

Today it is crucial to be able to organize digital resources in a complete and effective way, to harmonize and integrate many formats, MP4, JPG, PNG, MOV, AIF, PDF, and other media typically scattered on many computers with random network shares, external hard drives and memory stick.

The coordinated organization and protection of these media is always a challenge and, moreover, it is essential to manage other mixed, confidential content coming from social media, human resources documents, voiceovers, video clips and final results.

Keeping abreast of typically multifaceted projects with different versions, approvals, and permissions is not easy, and a shared storage workflow for immediate reuse of assets is the foundation of a good video project.

Daily meetings to understand who can access what and who can change what, are certainly no longer feasible and avoiding overlapping is imperative.

SNS EVO becomes the safe solution for managing media problems, organizing and sharing “data” (in the widest possible meaning and nature) on the network, subject to strict security standards.

MediaPower’s thirty years of experience in digital data management, network, storage and systems management technologies is a guarantee in supporting any organization that is serious about video throughout the process from acquisition to publication.

And in this process, SNS EVO shared storage servers are key in project creation and subsequent functional storage.

It is easy to understand how such an efficiency allows to increase the amount of work produced; consequently to tackle more projects and make productivity and daily profitability exponential.

The simplification of the workflow, thanks to SNS EVO and MediaPower, protects company resources and greatly improves the ability of each team to collaborate on even complex multimedia projects.