An interview with Andy Hawker, Territory Sales Manager Head of Studio Network Solutions (SNS) and Marcello Dellepiane, MediaPower CEO

SNS offers a Broadcast & Media solution, “EVO”, which includes a video production / storage server and a software suite for the complete management of shared projects, even remotely: it combines simplicity, functionality and performance in an optimal way.


Thirty years of experience in the management of digital data, network technologies, storage and systems integration, allow MediaPower to offer the Broadcast & Media but also the Medical, Cultural and Enterprise markets, the customized video solution, ideal for each customer.

Very experienced in the entire broadcast chain from acquisition to multi-platform distribution of digital video content, with headquarters in Genoa, and branches in southern France, Qatar, the Philippines and Hong Kong for the APAC area, in New Hampshire in USA, and recently in Romania and Milan, MediaPower is used to choosing partners with great care, as happened with SNS Studio Network Solutions”.


Marcello Dellepiane, CEO of MediaPower, highlights some important features of Studio Network Solutions, together with Andy Hawker, Territory Sales Manager of SNS.


Marcello Dellepiane: “What are the strengths of Studio Network Solutions and which markets are you most interested in?


Andy Hawker: “SNS is known for its production and shared storage servers, called“ EVO ”, which are born to guarantee the collaborative and scalable workflow of media organizations and creative multimedia teams.

Hardware is an essential part of what we do, as having all of your media organized and available to publishers is of little use if you don’t have a high-performance server powerful enough to support multiple video editing for simultaneous users.

Thanks to the distribution of MediaPower, also in Italy various categories of professionals will be able, from now on, to simplify the management of multimedia files, so as to speed up their reuse and increase their monetization on new channels”.


M.D .: “What are the salient features proposed by the EVO workflow and the main features of the system, for which categories of users?”


A.H .: “Collaborative workflow management, even remotely, takes place through a software suite that simplifies sharing and promotes simplicity.

The software includes SlingShot automation, the Nomad remote workflow tool and a powerful MAM ShareBrowser Media Asset Management.

These advantages translate into excellent functionality and particularly appreciable performance in the cinema, TV, sports, news graphics, VFX, animation, audio and corporate communication areas.

The “on board” features make the SNS EVO suite very attractive also for other broader categories of users, such as video makers, and in the corporate video marketing departments, educational, training, institutional, main markets, of TV / OTT / Internet content, and more”.


M.D .: “In terms of on-board technologies and interactions with the outside world, what can you tell us?”


A.H .: “The system boasts 8K-ready performance, the ability to handle up to 50 GbE with SSD and HDD storage.

The ShareBrowser software core operates in an ecosystem based on a powerful MAM, Media Asset Manager and, as such, manages the entire process as a master with powerful functions useful for indexing, tagging, finding, organizing, commenting and editing all shared digital content.
Slingshot is the powerful automation engine that governs local and cloud backup by coordinating services like S3, Azure, and Dropbox.

The software ensures interactions with Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, ProTools, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Resolve and more”.


MD: “Coordinated organization and media protection in complex projects are always a challenge for customers and, moreover, today it is essential to manage other mixed and different, confidential content, coming from social media, human resources documents, voices off-screen, video clips and more. How is EVO doing in these jagged situations? “


AH: “Our EVO SNS is at ease anywhere, since it was created precisely for this reason – that is to manage very heterogeneous data – with any format and, very importantly, the sharing of” digital data “on the network is subject to strict security standards .

In any media-related process, EVO shared storage servers are crucial for the creation of projects and subsequent functional archiving in complete safety.

The simplification of the workflow protects company resources and greatly improves the ability of each team to collaborate on even complex multimedia projects”.


M.D .: “Another strength of SNS is customer service, or operational support, which is definitely a voice out of the chorus…. “


A.H .: “Sure! This is definitely a boasting factor: all EVO systems are sold with Premium support 24/7 and unsurprisingly they are currently used in over 80 countries around the world. Our support is definitely first class, an industry reference and has a 99% rating from SNS EVO customers, including HBO, Fox, Google, Universal, Disney, Apple and even Netflix Originals, just to name a few” .


M.D .: “Studio Network Solutions also offers very interesting solutions for television production on board the OB Van. Which characters are most appreciated for On Site operations? “


A.H .: “The two most popular EVO models for use in field projects including OB vehicles are EVO Prodigy 4-Bay and EVO Live 8-Bay.

All SNS EVO multimedia production servers consist of integrated hardware and software.

The intelligence built into each EVO enables full collaboration within a creative team, including native project sharing and even project locking, to prevent collaborators from overwriting work in progress.

Even on board the vehicles EVO comes with a suite of free software tools for workflow, so there are no additional fees to expand the team with new stations.

All EVO servers are Linux based which makes them very secure and network options include 10, 25 or even 50 Gb Ethernet.

Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities they are able to meet customer needs, from the smallest 4-bay Prodigy EVO up to a multi PB cluster.

Currently, the largest disk size we offer is 12 TB”.



EVO Prodigy (4-Bay) has a maximum capacity of 48TB (4 x 12TB HDDs) and is also available with SSD flash drives to handle high resolution video on movie sets such as DIT use.

Prodigy is a very affordable 4-bay multimedia production server available as a desktop chassis.

It was created expressly for small installations, to work on location and for “editing in hotel rooms”.

It is relatively light and small enough to fit in the overhead locker of an airplane or the trunk of a car.


EVO 8 Bay

EVO 8 Bay is a very popular solution which can go up to 96 TB of onboard multimedia memory.

It is designed to be sturdy, quiet, and specifically to include a form factor for their 18-inch-deep OB racks, as well as for suitcases and portable racks.

8 Bay is scalable by adding more expansion chassis via SAS connectivity.

This increases the capacity and also the bandwidth to add more users.

8-Bay EVO supports an impressive number of video streams, for example 50 x XDCAM HD 1080i / 25 @ 50 Mb / s and is therefore suitable for medium-sized creative teams.

As with all EVO media servers, support is guaranteed for all tools already popular in the broadcast workflow.

EVO 8 Bay Live is used by high pressure and high turnover production teams including live events, news agencies and numerous sports production teams including Ocean Race.


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