MediaPower launches new website, work in progress, anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

MediaPower continues in the shade of a continuous expansion on several directions: today with a new website.

We recall that the company, headed by CEO Marcello Dellepiane, has its headquarters in Genoa and is active with international offices in the south of France, a branch in Qatar, in the Philippines and Hong Kong for the APAC area, and one in New Hampshire in USA.

In March 2022 they also inaugurated new offices in Milan / Cologno Monzese to have an even more precise footprint and closer assistance in the adjacent Milan area nicknamed “Citadel of TV”.

MediaPower is an internationally well-known name as a thirty-year company – and previous illustrious historical paths – specialized as a workflow integrator for the Broadcast & Media areas, but also increasingly appreciated in the digital, Corporate, Cultural and Health Care – Medical markets.

Today MediaPower, in the wake of the aforementioned and continuous expansion, returns to announce something important: the launch of a decisive refresh of the website, reachable at the usual URL


Marcello Dellepiane underlines:

“The strong expansion we are experiencing has necessitated a complete rejuvenation of our site. This is certainly from an aesthetic point of view, for a better enjoyment and satisfaction of the experience during the visit, but above all functional.

In fact, we have added several pages and different menu items relating to the new services we offer to a very large clientele and on distant markets: we are, in fact, a compass and a beacon in the stormy sea of the digital revolution, a safe landing place for all companies sailing in the tumultuous waters of the digital revolution and certainly no longer just drivers of the Broadcast & Media markets from which we come”.


The new site will be able to act as a powerful hub for all activities and news; will be perfect to give space to the best adventures with customers, and contain all the growing, updated information about MediaPower products and services.

Even the opening to new important markets with equally new brands and products represented, will find more and more the right spaces here.


Marcello Dellepiane concludes:

“For MediaPower the site will increasingly become a dynamic place able to grow in parallel on several fronts, accompanying our growth; therefore the idea is to eternally consider it a “work in progress”, which is a reference, and very simple in its offer.

Also on these pages, the will is to publish the constant updates of our brands – many represented and assisted exclusively in Italy – and above all the whole important series of our proprietary products.

They are developed internally by our dedicated teams and are the point of arrival for all segments of media production, from multi-format acquisition, to centralized and organized management, to multi-platform delivery and monetization of digital contents.

These are products that integrate perfectly into any modern, innovative workflow and for any customer of any size, anywhere, anytime and anyhow”.



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