“You can’t use what you just can’t find *”. Some suggestions for use in the proper management of digital assets.

Arkki Evo from Media Power, DAM and compartmental MAM: solving digital assets management.


Arkki Evo is Media Power’s Digital Asset Management platform that allows any organization to store, catalog, share, edit, retrieve, publish and distribute “digital assets” with great operational efficiency, simplicity, speed and transparency.


DAM e MAM Arkki EvoScalable and flexible

In addition to its best known uses by the market of video content production in the Media, AV, Digital, Entertainment and Broadcast areas, it becomes irreplaceable as a compartmental MAM in a transversal way in several markets.

Here are some application examples and suggestions for use from the real world that start from centralized content management.


Leaving aside, for now, the Media and Broadcast areas that deserve a separate in-depth study, today Arkki Evo, in general, allows first of all to optimize the storage of digital assets and conform to the reference market, giving shape to any workflow.

In doing this, it helps the company to grow and to make anyone involved in this process evolve professionally.


Transparent procedures

The huge global expansion in the production of assets or “digital content” has made it essential to arrange for a global management throughout the useful and expanded data life-cycle: that is, to organize and manage a digital ecosystem that allows a profitable and monetizable reuse in a multi-purpose and multi-platform mode.

Moving from a reactive model in digital content management to a proactive IT approach, such as the one made possible by Arkki Evo, means better supporting the workflows of creating, repositioning and reusing content that thus become efficient.

This allows you to free up company resources, grow, and take advantage of new business opportunities.


Really friendly

Arkki Evo allows you to build workflows efficiently, properly maintain infrastructure and refine your digital asset management strategy. Without having computer skills.

This by heterogeneous, non-dedicated and non-technical personnel, such as marketing, archivists, librarians, historians, doctors, creatives, teachers, students, etc.

Contrary to what happens on other systems, those who use the DAM Arkki Evo do not have to waste time learning new procedures, often not very user friendly and very “IT style”.

Arkki was created precisely to simplify all phases of digital archive management and allow anyone to modernize and rationalize the entire content management from acquisition to reuse.

The user or group of users concerned can thus return to devote more time to their usual activities that build the company’s core business.


Share assets also externally

In practice, the user can acquire and store almost any digital file of many types (including proprietary ones using external licensed tools) and then decide on which formats to produce it in output on different channels.

The sectors involved are many: Media Power’s DAM-MAM is truly perfect for corporate companies of all kinds, for the digital archive of archives and museums, for the medical sector, for those who need to store and quickly find “mixed” content.
Examples from the real world include a company that deals with television commercials, and therefore daily manages videos, but also multimedia content for post production and pre-press.

Another that, in addition to post-production of paper documents, associates audio video clips with them.

In medical Arkki Evo allows to combine video files on a hundred formats arriving from external agencies, which are then reused for webinars and training courses.

In the corporate sector, the records of company procedures, but also notes, presentations, etc., are tagged, cut, reassembled, reorganized and then allow to prepare and compose the information workflow for the entire training and marketing / communication division.

Some companies produce recordings of a large number of filmed and non-filmed materials. 

Arkki Evo here allows to quickly find everything, on heterogeneous supports.

Then, without worrying about recording formats, encodings and decodings, stakeholders, students, professionals, customers and those who hold the rights, can easily and externally access these organized assets: such a large amount of and varied contents.


Centralized reuse

Arkki Evo solves typical problems related to unstable and always “general purpose” platforms that prove complex – even after a short time – in finding the necessary contents.

Things get even more complicated in the presence of an OTT and / or E-Learning platform, which are difficult and often abstruse to manage.

And, often, while retrieving the necessary content, they do not know how to send them externally or how to allow external clients and users to access or modify them.

Today it is essential to unify everything, centralize information, manage all procedures in a simplified and intuitive way, find the useful file and reuse it.

Not to forget, then, all the management of permits; with Arkki EVO it is possible to manage the compliance documentation for the rights of use and conservation of documents.

Today it is possible to manage everything only with Arkki Evo.


In conclusion

Completely renewed in technology, Arkki Evo today is even more performing in all its respects, such as the documentary object database that allows to classify assets and create relationships.

It is no coincidence that it was also chosen among the many by: Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano, Telethon, Gruppo Publicis and Movimento dei Focolarini.



* from “Mozart in the Jungle”

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