DDN, DataDirect Networks, very high performance systems and no compromise in storage in verticalized markets

Media Power, provider of nodal technologies on the highest projects: today with DDN, DataDirect Networks, very high performance systems and no compromise in storage in verticalized markets and contexts.


Media Power, with offices in Europe, Asia and the United States, has a solid experience in the design and implementation of integrated solutions and workflows based on information technologies in the television and media sector, but not only.


For example, DataDirect Networks storage systems, one of the brands represented exclusively for Italy, are very consolidated technologies.

It is no coincidence that Media Power – almost twenty years ago – installed them in Italian commercial broadcaster Mediaset, to dedicate them to football highlights, and now they are being upgraded to the latest versions.


The same DataDirect Networks technologies are also used for the entire broadcasting section of Mediaset channels: Canale 5, Italia 1 and Rete 4, and for sports, such as for example all the recordings of the Champions League.


The mentioned systems represent the storage for the online tv ingest section dedicated to live transmission and are based on DataDirect Networks SFA 7990X machines, characterized first of all by extreme expandability.


In the current configuration, 23 7.68Tb SSD disks are sufficient with an extremely high number of IOPS (Input / output operations per second), to which over one hundred clients are connected, which record all video events, streams arriving from the fields.
But the system is ready to grow as needed.


In addition to this daily online storage, there is also a second storage solution within Mediaset, again by DataDirect Networks, which has 1,123Pb useful, N 6200 IntelliFlash models.


This is a NAS that uses an automatic tiering system: in addition to the 180 8TB SATA disks that represent the majority of the storage, the system also uses 12 3.84Tb SSD disks as front-end.

By means of a proprietory “intelligence” system that is capable to understand which data are the “hot” media (ie useful immediately and frequently) and which are the “cold” ones, at each client request for certain data, they are first poured from 8Tb SAS near-line disks to SSDs and from these they are supplied with a very high bandwidth for all required uses.


This IntelliFlash solution allows you to speed up both load and reuse times compared to much slower traditional disks, since all useful data is cached on SSDs, according to a process that is completely transparent to the user.


DataDirect Networks, always very dedicated and competitive in storage for its high performance characteristics, boasts an absolute and indefinite scalability, since any installation can really start with a small number of disks but is ready to grow and scale virtually to Infinity.


It starts from a main chassis with 90 slots, and numerous additional shelves with 90 slots can be placed side by side.

These characteristics of precision and quality have made it elected as a “core” choice by really important companies that have to manage huge amounts of digital data every day: among these, Saudi Aramco, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.
Not to mention many other names of great scope in those sectors where it is essential to manage large amounts of data, with solutions such as SAS Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and in the media industry.


Here the main example is Mediaset where these systems are “ubiquitous” used for the linear playout of the channels Canali 5 Italia 1 and Rete 4, both for the archives, in addition to the system dedicated to sports already mentioned.


Here, for the first time, even SSD disks are being used, producing a very high performance implementation without any compromise.


The number of IOPS generated saturates the number of fiber ports with a very high number of clients in simultaneous access. 


monetizzare i mediaAnd it is always possible to increase both the capacity and the number of ports with scale-out technology


The DataDirect Networks IntelliFlash system can also supply and manage very large amounts of data and on each machine it is possible to mount additional shelves, each containing a series of disks and hence to manage Petabytes and Terabytes of data.


IntelliFlash NAS today are used in a number of environments that extend far beyond typical media production, such as virtual machine management, SAS Analytics, and more.


Those who need to create and manage extremely capacitive and fast data implementations are completely at home with these systems.


DataDirect Networks IntelliFlash devices are present in an infinite series of markets, in addition to media production, which embrace medical, genomics, sciences, education and, in general, all markets that need to manage huge databases and endless amounts of data.



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