Marcello Dellepiane: “Hot news from MediaPower going against the trend”

A practical and realistic approach to the media and content production industry

2023 opens with intriguing news announced by one of the most important companies in the content production, management and distribution for broadcast, radio, television, audiovisual, multi-platform and corporate digital transformation in Italy, i.e. MediaPower.

We met Marcello Dellepiane CEO of this company which has been well-known for over 30 years for a series of recognized skills in the design and implementation of projects and systems in the just mentioned markets and for the distribution of a series of brands – and as many prestigious products – which form the backdrop and support for digital transformation.


Presspool: “The market has perceived MediaPower as an important integrator of digital workflows for decades; always proponent of ideal solutions for the historical moment, with often futuristic traits, capable of marking epochal passages for operations and engineering. But now it seems to see signs of ferment and renewed commitment and development?”


MArcelloMarcello Dellepiane: “Yes, definitely. The juicy news concerns important investments in various areas, such as the recent opening of a new office in Cologno Monzese, Milan, which joins the headquarters in Genoa and the branches in Rome, Turin, Nice and Paris in France, in the USA, and in Qatar.

And then new commitments in marketing, a renewed sales team led by an industry veteran, Fabio Veggiato, who promises great things by my side, and investments in new technology and engineering personnel with prestigious backgrounds, for design, assistance and support.

In addition, new brands enter our already large portfolio. We are enhancing the range of third-party solutions, such as TVU Networks, Chyron, CATON, OpenHeadend (Easy Tools), Panasonic, FujiFilm and many others that find space in the newly renovated corporate site.

We will soon open an e-commerce section on the site for more straightforward and cheaper products which will also have the important function of generating contacts and leads.

In addition, as if all this were not enough, 2023 also marks the turning point, as the market will see a new face for MediaPower: no longer “just” an integrator of workflows and technological systems, counsellor and partner of the entire structure of this industry, but also as a builder and proposer of proprietary and by now complete integrated digital solutions, multi-platform, hybrid on-premise and in the cloud.

This suite developed entirely in MediaPower, called “ARKKI SUITE”, was created for the IP management of the entire production chain, from acquisition to management, distribution and monetization of content on all channels available today and tomorrow and, in addition, it was born in SAAS configuration”.


Presspool: “The new cards on the table seem to be a lot. For now, let’s delve into the discussion of the new ARKKI SUITE proprietary products to understand better their purposes and how they can help customers”.


Marcello Dellepiane: “The development of the ARKKI suite underlines our precise and coordinated desire to grow with a series of initiatives that start right from the proposal of products useful for streamlining any digital workflow but with all the functionality and power required today and best of all, at a fraction of the cost of equally performing competing brand systems.

Our range of integrated proprietary products, the ARKKI Suite, is now complete and capable of responding to the changing needs of a multifaceted market that requires very powerful, targeted, simple-to-operate and excellent value-for-money solutions.

The sales success we are having is clear proof that we are on the right track.

Whether the client works within existing operations or wants to maximize the change offered through the latest technologies, we at MediaPower – always – offer a complete range of services, from the initial definition of the strategy to the end-to-end process, with technical and business redesign and implementation services.

Today, thanks to the ARKKI suite, we can complete the outsourced engineering paradigm: we can help the customer reduce development and management risks and costs if he entrusts himself completely to us.


Our consulting services allow us to help broadcast and media companies identify opportunities in new and next-generation operating models to take advantage of cloud-native and ground-to-cloud transformations and this, as we said, also and above all with suites ARKKI, unique, proprietary, and modular, able to manage the entire digital supply chain from small TV to the international network”.


Presspool: “It is an entirely digital and modular suite which therefore manages the entire content chain and, as such, can it also embrace other markets?”


Marcello Dellepiane: “Of course. Not only is it correct to think that such a modular platform is suitable for managing workflows in the typical broadcast and audiovisual production areas for television and the media industry, but it was also created to address a whole series of other transversal markets where we are growing up very fast.


As MediaPower we already owned a unique portfolio of technologies in third-party hardware and proprietary software used to provide turnkey integrated engineering solutions that empower customers in the video, production and streaming industries.


But not only. In fact, spreading very high-end work procedures in image processing along the entire production chain from capture to diffusion, the ARKKI suite today satisfies the growing need for innovation and outsourced development of customers in very different areas.

In fact, there are already several names to mention from customers in various fields, from medical, to health care, to cultural heritage, to museums, and the company at 360 degrees, where we have earned a reputation for solid reliability, functionality and support”.


Presspool: “In practice, MediaPower is able to provide turnkey and integrated digital transformation services, in the global supply of any solution, at any level and in sectors that are even very distant from each other, and this today also thanks to ARKKI?”


Marcello Dellepiane: “Absolutely. The ARKKI suite is made up of seven modules, each capable of managing one or more functions, from capture to transcoding, shared storage, MAM, playout and streaming, digital storytelling, streaming and monetization which together constitute the ideal solution for transversal markets in the production of content at all levels.

And we can even double, in fact here I am happy only to mention an important topic that deserves a separate speech, that is another trump card of ours that is unique for companies like ours: the “operating rental”.


In summary, MediaPower also offers itself as a single interlocutor, through the rental of hardware and software technology solutions in the Broadcast and Media fields.

This allows customers to take full advantage of new operating models and achieve rapid access to emerging markets, and new businesses, without having to invest staggering sums, with obvious benefits for the end user.

But, as mentioned, it is a topic that definitely deserves a separate, dedicated discussion”.



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