MediaPower announces distribution agreement with Caton Technology

MediaPower, a leading broadcast and digital workflow integrator, has been appointed as an official reseller of Caton Technology, adding to its powerful portfolio of solutions enabling digital transformation to broadcast, digital production and media companies for more than 30 years.

Caton is an industry leader in high-quality, low-latency video over the open internet. Its Caton Transport Protocols (CTP), a bespoke suite of IP transmission technologies, guarantees stability, quality and security even in challenging network conditions.

CTP integrates over 30 algorithms and leverages deep learning approaches that work to mitigate and overcome network challenges, ensuring a premium quality viewing experience over today’s available connections and next-generation IP network transports.
CTP includes priority bonding for network connections over LAN, Wi-Fi and cellular networks, SIM support for 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G, and integrations with the workflow of various transmissions.

The CatonNet Video Platform (CVP) wraps CTP up in a fully managed IP network for real-time transport of high-quality video over any distance locally, regionally and globally. The ultra-low-latency, high-security service is equally suited to occasional use and permanent circuits.

Fabio Veggiato Sales And Marketing Director of MediaPower, explains:

“We are thrilled at this agreement because Caton Technology is clearly an industry benchmark in next-generation IP network transport solutions that enable high-quality, real-time interactions.

In all media sectors, in which we are traditionally strong, it is essential for our customers to be able to rely on consistent high-quality video transmissions.

Today we need to distribute video to different audiences and markets, from HD to Ultra High Definition and beyond, without technical issues that have to be prevented.

At the same time, delivering the best quality video is useless if it’s not cost-effective and if it doesn’t provide tangible value. Caton solutions solve or circumvent all the typical problems of these areas, such as latency, reliability, stability and quality. They allow users to quickly and easily create and publish, contribute, transfer, archive and distribute video content from anywhere.

Caton handles large, broadcast-quality video contributions captured and distributed live over IP-based networks quickly and securely. This enables users to professionally capture live recordings and interactions, such as in interviews and sports events, even with a mobile phone and on the go, and immediately distribute content in Mobile Live Streaming”.

Paul Weiser, VP of Channel Sales & Management at Caton Technology, says:

“The Internet still presents key challenges for businesses looking to stream and distribute high-quality, low-latency video at scale.

CTP provides a significant advantage over other video transport protocols in being much more robust over unstable networks and eliminates the technical issues around bandwidth, jitter, latency and packet loss.

MediaPower has a wealth of experience in enabling digital transformations and we look forward to working with them to provide reliable and cost-effective transmission solutions to their network of customers.”

Fabio Veggiato concludes:

“Caton Technology will be a valuable partner for MediaPower because it is a large IP ecosystem for managing high-quality workflows up to UHD, capable of making the best multimedia experience thanks to encoders, decoders, software applications, a powerful content storage platform in the cloud.

These technologies are to provide very fast file transfers between production centres and the cloud, complete platforms for remote production, sending synchronized signals to an MCR station or a studio for a production high-quality video, or signal delivery over the public internet, with encryption security, and much more.

We see this partnership going beyond the broadcast, media and telco markets, into areas of relatively recent presence for MediaPower where we are experiencing strong growth, such as museums, heritage, medical, health-care, places of worship, and much more, where uni and bi-directional streaming broadcast visible anywhere in the world are increasingly required.


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About Caton Technology

Caton Technology is an industry leader in next-generation IP network transport solutions. Powered by technology and driven to innovate, we improve how businesses around the world and across multiple industries stream live media in the highest quality, distribute video and move data over any IP network, faster and more securely, enabling new deployment possibilities while reducing costs.

Headquartered in Singapore, with regional offices in Beijing, California, Hong Kong, São Paulo, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo, Caton Technology is poised to connect the world with high-quality real-time interactions between people, things and everywhere in between. The best connections are created with Caton. For more information, please visit

About MediaPower

With over 30 years of experience and expertise intertwined in the design, delivery and implementation of AV services and IT workflows, MediaPower addresses the new requirements of digital transformation and meets the demand of the traditional broadcast and media industries with digital cloud solutions and high-performance software, today equally valuable to the emerging sectors of Health-care, Medical, Enterprise, Heritage and others.

MediaPower is the partner that enables every company to align with changes in the media industry, including the growth of video streaming services, the optimization of media processing with IP applications, edge and greater monetization with cross-platform personalized content.

Thanks to a detailed mapping of processes, needs and workflow management, MediaPower is able to implement an appropriate, tailor-made and “budget-conscious” technological strategy for customers of all sizes.