MediaPower ARKKI Ingest the new multichannel platform, from SD to 8K.

piattaforma multicanale 8K

Multi channel digital recorder, multi codec and streamer.


ARKKI Suite is MediaPower’s reply to the demands of all those areas that must receive, produce and redistribute digital contents.

A complete affordable and modular suite, is capable to respond to the requirements of digital assets management across many applications, from ingest to playout, and all intermediate steps.

The suite consists of various independent modules: Arkki Ingest, Arkki Transcoder, Arkki EVO, Arkki Play & Stream, Arkki Touch.


Arkki Ingest

Arkki Ingest, is the module capable of performing synchronized capture of digital sources on inputs of different nature: Decklink, Aja, DirectShow Device, Ndi, Iso, WebRtc, SRT, rtm / sp, HLS, Web, File -based.

In output it is able to manage NDI, SDI, Webrtc, rtsp / mp, Srt, Srt / DVB-SMPTE 2110 / 2022-6 / 7 signals.


Arkki Ingest is a multi ingest system, capable to receive multiple signals simultaneously that are easily manageable through a friendly HTML web browser interface. The simple UI, can also be used remotely, still allows many interventions and customizations, such as varying the bitrate, changing the codecs, stopping ingesting, pausing, etc. A dedicated application is available for fine tuning and advanced controls.


The great advantage is being able to deploy a “multi-instance” system on a single workstation which, depending on the signals needed to be processed, can be a virtual machine, a physical machine, or in the cloud. 

Besides, it also allows to perform format conversions on the fly.

This saves the cost of external converters which can introduce additional latency, complexity, and issues.


Multi camera signals


The Arkki Ingest system allows to synchronize multi-camera signals, a very important function in sports where, for instance, 4 cameras with 4 different shots are perfectly synchronized, as in remote production.

Another very important function, especially in sports, is the time delay or “Shift Capture” which allows to record a feed at will and send it on the air after a certain predetermined amount of time.

A lot of care has been taken in the creation of the user interface which is decidedly simplified and which allows to enter, through an “expert” mode, the codec settings.

In addition to Shift Capture, it is possible to insert graphics, a logo and animated sequences, to decide the maximum size of the file being captured, the start and stop times, to set the “incremental” function, to take subtitles, to change the aspect-ratio, to modify the audio through loudness control, rather than changing the channel mapping.

Once the live signal has been encoded, it is also possible to re-stream the acquired contents immediately: just define some streaming points of what is captured, both in real time and in time shifting.

There is no lack of preview functions, management of time codes, formats, and metadata.

Depending on the available hardware, it is possible to capture signals from SD to 8K, including all the most popular AV formats (MXF, etc etc).

In addition to the input formats, we can decide on those in streaming, including the ESRT which is currently widely used especially for low latency and security.

The video codecs managed are all popular ones, including HEVC, 4K, JPEG-2000.

Arkki Ingest also allows to create a simplified slow motion.


A wide range of applications 


The market potential is really large, from sports events capture, to fashion shows, concerts and many others.

Once inserted into the archive using Arkki Ingest, complete events can broadcast on a delayed basis or even on immediate playout, even encoding them in a different format.

Another typical example of use is the sports club that records the ISO signals of the various cameras incoming from the matches directly from stadiums.

On the fields a portable and light system allows recording all the necessary formats and does not need anything else in the capture of IP streaming signals.

A cloud platform is enough, so operators can eliminate the presence of on venue hardware.

If the cameras in the stadium shoot in SDI, a multichannel server is required, albeit in a minimal configuration, which usually easily manages 4 HD channels, or even more, where necessary.


A global solution


Evidently, the use of Arkki Ingest is certainly not confined to broadcast and media production.

In fact, it involves all sectors in which the exponential development of digital content has suggested an indispensable and profitable repurposing and redistribution on multiple destinations (medical, training, educational, corporate, fashion, convention, and many others).

Once received, this multi-camera content can be registered and entered into the system.


Then the on-board codecs allow conversions where necessary and the same assets can be streamed in real time to the end user, anywhere.


The ease of use of Arkki Ingest allows non-technical personnel to use it with proficiency.


Arkki Ingest, as a modular multi-function suite, enjoys continuous improvements, in fact, among the next functional extensions, which will be available in the coming months, the launch of the “Scheduler”, currently in an advanced development phase, is planned.


It will allow to acquire multi-channel streams from the outside world and schedule a subsequent redistribution based on a customizable multi-user calendar.


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