Arkki EVO by MediaPower in the medical sector: challenges accepted in computer vision

MediaPower nel MedicaleAcquire, record, analyze and then distribute, in a centralized way


Starting from the great experience in the canonical areas of origin, namely the Broadcast and the treatment throughout the life cycle of digital contents for use in “mission critical” media and entertainment at the highest quality levels, Arkki EVO is MediaPower suite that pragmatically crosses all vertical markets from corporate, events, museum, genomics, research sites, events, training, educational, and culture.

It goes, in general, towards still little explored horizons but with great possibilities, between “culture”, “museums”, “services” and, first of all, “medical”.

It is easy to predict that Arkki EVO, given the explosion of “digital” and “democratization” in the production of video content, will become crucial in all the aforementioned markets.

Here we will certainly see an exponential growth in the use of a complete, centralized and unique system such as Arkki EVO that allows the acquisition, management and repurposing of “data” or digital content, starting from “computer vision”.


The medical workflow

Approaching the workflow in the medical area is equivalent to describing a critical operational area, in which digital assets are created that are mostly still and moving images.

Think of a microsurgery operation that takes place in the operating room where a video camera is typically used as an acquisition tool.

The doctor – today in presence and tomorrow, with 5G technologies remotely through specific network techniques such as “network slicing and prioritization” and the capillarity of new networks – can carry out an operation and see what happens, that is, support themselves in real time, on a monitor.

The doctor performs an operation in a workmanlike manner that becomes a “best practice”, given that his activity can easily constitute a remotely reusable content for e-learning activities in real time, or through on-demand video courses, perhaps on an organized portal with different levels of access.

Not only. Everything the doctor performs is legally documentable, so all the legal management issues related to “health care” are perfectly managed by Arkki EVO according to regulatory compliance.


The system and the mission

Arkki EVO is an advanced Digital Asset Management software which, accompanied by special hardware, is capable of collecting and centralizing all these data that become resources.

Hospitals, but also clinics of any size, typically have a set of images and videos that must be compliant and are often confused with issues related to the production of these assets.

In fact, in addition to the fact that it is not always easy to produce them, they are often scattered on different computers and on distributed storage where the search is very difficult and can only be performed on the name of the file, remembering it.

Sometimes these videos are stored only on doctors’ smartphones thanks to the invaluable help of assistants in filming.

MediaPower’s mission is to propose Arkki EVO as a complete, unique system dedicated to the creation and management of medical assets, accessible anywhere, and above all automated.


In operation

When the doctor operates, through a tactile display he starts the recording of Arkki EVO and no longer has to worry about anything.

Thanks to dedicated and “invisible” wireless microphones, he can record the audio of his own voice.

Special micro cameras placed on his helmet and/or on the lamps in the operating room, allow him to capture the video of the operation, in detail and from different shots.

And it is even possible to add signals from different sources: a probe, a microscope, a laser.

The generated video feed is immediately acquired and inserted into the powerful Arkki EVO digital asset management system, which records everything on a high-capacity, fast and redundant storage.

At the same time, it is possible to send this feed live on social networks, on one’s own channel or even on more complex OTT systems, to create deferred training and educational content.


The existing

On the market there are solutions based on software dedicated to the medical sector which, however, are very different from the simplified and centralized approach of Arkki EVO, where Media Power has poured thirty years of experience in media and video at the highest possible level, with a preparation by far superior to any other actor.

The “mission critical best practices” typical of broadcast environments have been reflected in the medical field.

The Arkki EVO system allows to acquire and manage terabytes of fully compliant video totally compliant to all international regulations in the management of personal data.

Some of the other strengths are the Artificial Intelligence in optical recognition, the management of bar codes, the possibility of integrating in an intelligent but neutral way with existing hospital software systems, therefore without compromising balances.

These are generally mostly management software that organize data in tables, textual data, where at most still images are also managed.

The videos and DICOM data are managed as simple files (with opening, reading, closing), while with Arkki EVO it is possible to manage the assets throughout the useful life cycle, creating an added value derived from centralization and re-use in training, management of live and on demand audio-video streams, in compliance, and in connection with existing management softwares.

The 5G broadband connection technology is ready to give a very strong impulse and the Arkki EVO system is ready to exploit it in the medical sector, through sub-networks, and create new procedures.

Doctors will be able to operate remotely thanks to visualization, analysis, and recording devices.

Arkki EVO places itself precisely in this workflow as a contributing and content distribution partner and is able to provide all the technological support where operations can be carried out remotely using robotic tools.


The future of Arkki EVO by MediaPower

Arkki EVO is also available in an “Essential” version dedicated to doctors and practices depending on the “size” of the user and the complexity of the needs related to recording, storage and multi-channel replay; and possibly monetization, where necessary.

According to the needs, the user interface, managed by means of a touch control, is designed to be very friendly and simplified (red button records, green button plays) with the possibility of switching through the recording sources in order to manage a micro gallery to be used during the work, directly from the doctor who performs the surgery, or thanks to an assistant.

Alternatively, the user interface, always very accurate, can be customized with functions dedicated to each company to create another added value.



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