MediaPower, technologies and people. Strategy and finance with Nicholas Rossi:

We are committed to transferring the best broadcast technologies, already born with a view to efficiency, from video to digital markets in general”.


An interview with Nicholas Rossi Monarca, CFO, Vice President and Business Development of MediaPower.


His professional profile, Nicholas Rossi says:

After graduating with honours in Economics and Commerce in Genoa, I immediately started working as an auditor at Deloitte and I was in direct contact with external companies.

Immediately afterwards I obtained a travelling master’s degree in International Management which led me to experience different international business realities in France, Moscow, and other places, in multicultural contexts.

The subsequent work experience involved me in an important company owned by Alessandro Benetton’s Fondo 21 Investimenti where, starting at a very young age as an administrative manager, I had the opportunity to grow very quickly, given the very high standard required by this job.

My subsequent qualification to the profession and enrollment in the register of chartered accountants of Genoa could have opened the doors for me to the profession of an accountant, but fate wanted something else.

In fact, the sale of the company to Corsica Ferries prompted me to offer myself to the market as a temporary manager, thus dividing my professional time between different companies and in several different contexts, finance, administration and management control”.

The first meeting and then a new configuration

The meeting with CEO Marcello Dellepiane dates back to this period, with our paths intertwining thanks to my first consultancy in terms of governance and vision, for his company MediaPower.

It should be noted that, at the time, the company based in Genoa was on the market as a technological integrator, as well as a reseller of equipment and prestigious brands, almost exclusively in the production and distribution of audiovisual and television, therefore “niche”.

From 2016 onwards, my collaboration with MediaPower has been structured in a more complete way, starting to build analytical accounting and absorbing an ever greater administrative responsibility.

With the increase in corporate complexity, my involvement in the company also increased: in fact, MediaPower in those years began to take shape according to the much more articulated profile that characterizes it even today”.

MediaPower as a producer of solutions, no longer just Broadcast

The company was, in fact, gradually transforming itself from a reseller of high-level technologies and skills into a more articulated body that began to invest in order to also have proprietary products and its own solutions, with a consequent and indispensable adjustment of the financial and commercial organization.

Despite a year of total shutdown due to the pandemic, two years ago we opened the capital to Ligur Capital and this allowed us to give a strong boost to the development of proprietary products that make us unique on the market today.

This concept is valid in multiple forms and for different markets.

An internal department is dedicated to the ARKKI EVO product line based on well-defined technologies that are aimed at the digital markets of Corporate, Educational, Heritage, Medical and digital transformation in general.

In 2022, another business unit was also opened, which deals with products much more dedicated to the canonical world of traditional origins of MediaPower, i.e. Broadcast and the production, management and distribution of audiovisual and media, with important solutions with broadcast-class but at a fraction of the typical cost”.


New forces for the Corporate Business

So we had to diversify our investments: on the one hand, we fully dedicated ourselves to new horizons, to the “Corporate” market, with a suite of ARKKI EVO proprietary products that are derived from the broadcast and audiovisual world.

As such, they have a long series of top-level features that open up in a very agile way to very different digital contexts and a potentially infinite market.

Here we start from a real “core competence” and in a perfect “core business”, as MediaPower has always been very strong in the digitization of archives, precisely for the distribution and historical representation of the first video servers in the world and of the MAMs specific for special uses.

Then we also diversified by market, as France with MediaPower Service was previously, in practice, dedicated only to the assistance of XOR Media (formerly Seachange) playout systems all over the world.

Then it was gradually transformed into a mirror image of MediaPower Italia and we can be sure that here too 2023 will be a year of absolute acceleration, as it will not only manage support services but will take care of the resale of all the brands, the technologies represented and above all the proprietary products, developed internally.

In practice, the French branch is now aligned with the Italian one for investments and commercial development”.

Continuing according to “core competence” on new guidelines

Much of MediaPower’s interest is also aimed at markets parallel to traditional broadcasting.

For example, in the medical sector, 2023 opens with an important collaboration agreement in favour of exclusive distribution in this area of proprietary products such as ARKKI, entrusted to Syntec, a company specialising in the sale of medical devices throughout Italy.

It is fair to say that the “Broadcast Legacy” fuels the flow of focused investments.

In other areas MediaPower – as a “newcomer” – proposes itself with highly innovative products in terms of functionality, which are perfect with respect to current needs and above all extremely competitive due to contained costs.

All MediaPower products are effective solutions to today’s needs, which are already born in multi-channel, IP, cloud, and multi-platform configurations and cover all modern trends.

Conversely, other vendors start from a legacy that is limiting for the customer because it is expensive and their innovation is linked to a much higher cost of ownership that they have to defend.


About Broadcast Legacy

Going back to Broadcast, today MediaPower is an even more interesting reference because, thanks to the proprietary and modular ARKKI SUITE, it can face the market with products based on those “features” that are needed today, but, again, at a fraction of the cost of competitor.

The large network market, but also the small broadcaster, can without hesitation replace the “branded dinosaurs” with the more modern, flexible and easy-to-use MediaPower products.

In this sense, the “total cost” for the broadcaster drops, both in maintenance and in the infrastructure, and therefore aligns with the times that require “streamlined operations”.

In practice, the new proprietary products such as ARKKI SUITE allow the broadcaster to save a lot of money, are much easier to use than others existing on the market, allow you to automate other managements and, moreover, cost much less, both in people, both in investment.

These are “cost-effective” solutions that create new efficiencies and which, therefore, are very well received by the broadcasters who insert them”.

In conclusion, the strategy in a formula

MediaPower’s strategy? A total focus on the Broadcast market that we know very well. 

And then support the “digital technology transition”. Thanks to highly evolved historical internal capabilities, we have added value. 

These are “core competencies” of ours where we will remain focused, but which we are also projecting onto different and relatively new markets.

We transfer the best technologies, already born with a view to efficiency, to other markets, with a sustainable strategy for a company that is complex, but which – thanks to its small size – has at least two advantages: agility and focus on service.

We are not aiming for a very high volume of clients, but for an adequate number that we can serve and follow up very well.”


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