Storytelling and simplification of the collaborative workflow “on prem” and “in the cloud”

MediaPower becomes the sole distributor of EditShare in France

MediaPower announces an important distribution agreement for EditShare products and technologies for MediaPower France.

Philippe Gaudion, former CEO of Veo-Labs, one of the many prestigious brands represented in Italy by MediaPower, will be at the helm of this new adventure.

With an active base of 1,800 new customers last year and a remarkable growth of 24% in 2021, despite two objectively difficult years due to the pandemic, EditShare is entering the French market with new energy, thanks to this new partnership with MediaPower France.

Customers have always been interested in our innovative storage and media asset toolset, taking advantage of editing and platform agnostic architecture. Most recently specific focus is on remote editing and production capabilities, multisite SwiftSync and universal project functionality.

EditShare is involved in diverse productions and have many prestigious references from reality TV, to traditional post and collaborative remote, and from broadcasters, to many in the audiovisual markets, and large corporate customers, as well as educational institutions.

Vincent Eade, Regional Vice President of Sales – EMEA at EditShare commented:
“The IBC 2022 show in Amsterdam was an excellent opportunity for EditShare to present its latest technologies giving a strong boost to the entire television production and audiovisual post production sectors in general. The continuous demonstrations between remote production and applications on-premise, hybrid and cloud-native raised a great deal of interest from visitors. This has led us to an important agreement with MediaPower which will manage the distribution of our products throughout the French market”.

Marcello Dellepiane, CEO of MediaPower, equally excited about this partnership, underlines:

The French market is very interesting and EditShare’s ability to provide remote production capabilities and cloud workflows will bring many opportunities to this market. All this allows creative teams to work collaboratively, independently of the actual geographical location – that is exactly what the market today requires more and more often – as well as secure access to all the tools that professionals need and on which they must depend every day”.

Philippe Gaudion who will manage the sale and all the post sale in France for EditShare specifies:

As MediaPower France we can boast a strong presence on the French audiovisual and television market for many years and with Veo-Labs we are going to interface with a completely different segment. So we are eager to place the top of the range typically represented by EditShare products in our territories. Our clients range from all large broadcasters to post productions of all sizes and will certainly be happy to be able to manage their daily tasks with EditShare. Its shared storage, as well as FLOW-based workflows allow in a very dynamic way to synchronize incoming projects from all major NLE advanced editing platforms, including Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve”.

Vincent Eade resumes:

Our offering includes software solutions such as FLEX cloud, which enables ready-to-use cloud and hybrid workflows. It reflects today’s powerful business trends, including migrating to a ‘work anywhere’ environment, with instant access to content from wherever creative staff need to be.

In general, EditShare makes three strong points:

1) EFS, the media optimized storage system that is designed for “mission critical” applications in digital media production online, nearline and long-term archival.

It embraces the needs of a small post-production boutique to step up to fully collaborative work between the various suites that handle up to dozens of petabytes of storage typical of larger high-end facilities, allowing integration between multiple editing vendors such as Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Resolve

2) Our MAM solution called FLOW deals with all media orchestration, with a strong vocation especially for PAM applications, enabling the organization and control of millions of digital assets, including reels and metadata, both on premise and in the cloud.

It is able to manage the entire path, from multi-channel ingesting to the archive and all intermediate steps.

3) another point in our favour are the public APIs that support third-party applications. These are available on the developer site and allow to “customize” other external solutions and implement some technologies through OEM integrations of partners and even very famous scenarios”.

The strong features

EditShare really boasts many references in different areas, starting from broadcast and live production, but also in traditional post production. However, its presence is also strong in many other markets, such as corporate, educational, (for instance we are represented in over 50% of UK universities).

A range of products and applications far beyond storage and MAM, with a strong specialization in new media, but also in sports with different teams, even houses of worship, including the Vatican.

Put simply, EditShare supports those dedicated to storytelling and from the very beginning it was created to simplify any workflow, manage all the files and create the story.

Everything can be managed locally or even in the cloud: this offering is further enhanced by the “floating licenses”, which are very different from the typical fixed licenses of other systems, and which simplify access for many users.

The latest

Launched at NAB as a concept but first shown at IBC is EditShare’s Universal Projects under the banner of “it doesn’t matter which system you start on, which one you continue on and which one you collaborate on and finish a job”.

This is equivalent to being able to start a project, for example on Media Composer, work it on Adobe and finish it on Davinci Resolve, or even in an opposite path, interchanging the platforms at will. Essentially Universal Project manages all the workflow, all MAMs and tags on all platforms.


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