In conversation with Marcello Dellepiane, MediaPower CEO, in anticipation of IBC 2023, Booth 8.D43. First part.

What could we expect for the video services industry in the coming months?

Presspool: We have seen a return to a certain level of normality; despite the pandemic and war in Ukraine, the video industry for many is growing sharply but for others, it still seems somewhat volatile and at times uncertain.

Many think the industry will be impacted for some time by inflation, interest rate hikes, cost hikes, geopolitical uncertainties, an uncertain macroeconomic climate, as well as mergers and cost-cutting programs of major video services. How does MediaPower respond?

Marcello Dellepiane
: “MediaPower responds by counterattacking at various levels: first of all by welcoming new human capital into its workforce, reference professionals who have just been added to our team – already excellent (and we are not saying this, but the market does) – both in counselling sales both in after-sales care and assistance.

Then, by inserting new brands and products into the line-up capable of surgically adapting to the moment and to the exact demands of the market, at the smartest possible costs that allow us to continue to provide consultancy on end-to-end personalized workflows.

Our super specialization of over 30 years in the broadcast & media sectors allows us to be the reference for all media assets.

And, never satisfied, we are the only company on the market to offer itself as a single interlocutor for the operational rental of hardware and software technological solutions in the Broadcast and Media fields, a concept that is really worth exploring”.

Presspool: “More than brands and products and with the promise of returning to the trump card of “operating leasing”, this time we’re talking about ideas, trends and setup inspirations, i.e. what these (few) days before IBC have in store for us”.

Marcello Dellepiane: “Broadcasters, streaming services and content providers are facing real business challenges and IBC, as always, can help lead the way.

Additionally, media organizations are increasingly focused on the core components of their business, seeking to maximize operational efficiency and ensure sustainable commercial growth.

Even as budgets are tightening, we expect more storytelling from the broadcast and streaming buyer base, and also new approaches to monetization models, such as FAST channels.

Everyone will need new agility to successfully navigate this challenging environment and streaming companies will also need to find new ways to reduce costs and increase revenue, to stay competitive as the number of streaming services grows and the market will become more saturated.

We have an advantage in this market because we offer solutions that allow you to save on costs, starting from a proprietary suite (ARKKI), completely developed internally and therefore “tailored”, able to manage “everything”, from acquisition to multi-platform distribution and all the intermediate management steps and, above all, in a very smart way, also in terms of costs”.

Presspool: “Despite the costs, is there a tendency towards experimentation or a cautious treading of established paths and procedures?”

Marcello Dellepiane: “We certainly favor a rapid increase in experimentation, suggesting new business models that could involve some D2C video services, given the possibility of combining innovative configurations, cloud-based and remote production, with more traditional business models.

We could also see customers monetizing their content through other distribution methods, such as creating FAST channels for some of their projects” [link to FAST press release].

Presspool: “So, with the right strategies, companies can increase their operational scale, reduce costs and increase revenues, i.e. compete more on the market and improve profitability?”

Marcello Dellepiane: “In summary, we propose to grow by optimizing workflows, simplifying content production and distribution processes, automating activities with the use of AI, implementing more efficient technologies and reducing the need for human intervention.

We are recognized because we are very good at recommending cutting-edge workflow solutions that embrace innovation. And to offer everything at a lower cost of entry that allows you to quickly launch a service.

However, even with lower budgets and content, it is imperative to attract and retain viewers and subscribers through the right user experience.”

Presspool: “What else is in sight, generally, over the medium horizon?”

Marcello Dellepiane: “Companies seek to increase revenue and mitigate risk by relying on a single source of revenue to reach their audience; therefore among the hot topics there are AVOD, dynamic product positioning, contextual targeting, increasingly personalized uses and audience interaction with live events.

This forces everyone to look beyond their “one-to-many” business model; the idea is to reach a wider audience by attracting different types of customers.

At IBC we at MediaPower bring the proprietary suite ARKKI, which is certainly an ideal synthesis of the tools and workflows that are indispensable today to respond to everything we have just tracked and in a very smart way.

It is certainly worthwhile to meet us there, at Booth# 8.D4 and learn more.

Or, even better, book a slot now with our Sales and Marketing Director, Fabio Veggiato [LINK].”

Presspool: “We’ll stop here for the moment, with the promise to get back on topic as soon as possible, to better understand and explore trends in media consumption habits, the new features that the market expects, what performance tailor-made content will have to guarantee, the role of the cloud and remote production, 5G, artificial intelligence … and more, so as to be very ready even before IBC 2023”.



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