TVU Networks, live remote production “Glass-to-Glass” solutions

Unique multi-camera live video: reliable, simple to use and suitable for any budget.

TVU Networks, a US company with headquarters in Silicon Valley, has been distributed in Italy by MediaPower since January 2023.

Fabio Veggiato, Sales Director of MediaPower, presents the salient features of the TVU Networks offer for TV production.

Presspool: “Despite a very prestigious and complete portfolio of brands and products and also a complete suite of proprietary products such as ARKKI, MediaPower has decided to distribute TVU Networks products and technologies in Italy”.


Fabio Veggiato: “Yes, our company is always attentive to customer needs and ready to add new strategic partnerships. Therefore, accepting the proposal of this important vendor, we have decided to include TVU Networks products and solutions in our portfolio.

TVU is a rapidly growing company worldwide with a very precise and innovative vision of how the future of TV productions will evolve and with a complete portfolio of products and software solutions, we could say “glass-to-glass” – i.e. from the screen of the mobile phone or video camera, up to the screen inside the house.

TVU’s offer includes specific hardware for “field” use such as “backpacks” and increasingly apps for Android or Ios smartphones, encoders with 5G bonding technology and software solutions for managing stream reception and production workflow.

These are made up of numerous micro-services that can be activated as needed.

They are integrated solutions with “SaaS” (software as a service) business models, cloud and on-premise.

It is all very interesting precisely because TVU has integrated solutions for the entire production chain, from capture to diffusion, and allows to build production workflows, even remotely.

These solutions are complete, from live shooting to broadcasting, very efficient, and offered at truly attractive costs, unthinkable until recently.

This allows for efficient economies of scale, as well as innovative business models, such as pay-per-use or revenue sharing.

Today these solutions serve more than 3,000 customers in 85 countries.


Presspool: “So, if TVU solutions are attractive across the entire content production and delivery and sharing chain, great things can also be expected in Italy.


Fabio Veggiato : “Certainly! The driving idea is to maximize the potential of any live production with these solutions.

TVU Networks has reinvented and streamlined broadcasters’ production and transmission workflow through the use of the latest IP transport technologies.

In addition to being available on the cloud, the availability and number of solutions based on microservices allow us to build customized workflows effectively tailored to the needs of each customer who will only bear the costs for the services they will use.

The encoding and transport of signals using the public internet are of the highest quality and efficiency as well as using an exclusive method to synchronize the received streams by inserting a “time stamp” on each stream; this is a feature that no one else has available and which makes TVU Networks a choice of absolute quality and a guarantee of results.

TVU RPS is available in 4 and 6-channel versions, with very high quality for live remote production towards social platforms or towards servers with SDI output.

Television production is changing its paradigms very quickly, TVU Networks demonstrates with its products and solutions that it is in step with the times and needs of broadcasters and the public.


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