MediaPower seeks international distribution partners for ARKKI and Manhattan. 

Manhattan, NRCS open and proprietary solution: the newsroom of the future.

MediaPower, as an IT-based digital workflow integrator, has been offering multimedia solutions for digital media production, management and distribution since 1993.


ARKKI is the flagship suite of services and applications which enables content creators, broadcasters, publishers, corporates and more story-centric organizations, to produce and distribute digital content across multiple platforms, centrally and with ease.

Arkki manages the entire digital production flow from the acquisition to the creation of a story and the distribution of digital stories in the media & entertainment sectors, with delivery on different channels and exploiting the best of cloud technology, artificial intelligence and remote production.


MediaPower, thanks to over 30 years of experience, is the ideal trusted partner for the integration and support of complex workflows in digital content creation, play-to-air, video-on-demand, multimedia asset management, archiving, sports publishing, entertainment and other AV media workflows.

At IBC 2023, Amsterdam 15-18 September and in Hall 8, stand D43, MediaPower launches “Manhattan”, a powerful newsroom-friendly IT system, which, based on the ARKKI modular platform, unifies news production in one unique powerful suite.

Marcello Dellepiane, CEO of MediaPower underlines:

“We designed and developed this new Manhattan system without external third-party integrations and as a declination of the ARKKI SUITE proprietary digital production architecture.

Manhattan is a robust, scalable, modern and well-designed web platform that presents itself as a complete Newsroom: it includes a suite of features for television, online and social media news production.
The goal is to offer newsrooms around the world an innovative, flexible, efficient and high-quality solution.

It arises from careful compliance with guidelines learned from the market over years of presence in the field and in continuous feedback with the major broadcasters, but also with small TVs and local and regional needs”.



The first three strengths that catch the eye of Manhattan are:

Advanced security with media asset protection, encryption and controlled access.

Simplified workflow with instant file access and flexible project management.

Increase efficiency and accelerate project processing without compromising quality.

The Newsroom

News production activities in newsrooms are constantly evolving to enable users and journalists to engage and inform audiences with increasingly compelling stories.

The news production system requires an increased and advanced data management capacity on many formats to centralize it in the distributed production platform, on-premise and/or in the cloud.

Manhattan was born on the basic idea of significantly improving the efficiency of newsroom users and simplifying common workflows in the daily production of news in a computerized way.

The fully integrated workflow becomes the complete solution for the newsroom: this allows the news production team greater freedom and super agility in creating visual elements and broader narratives.

Fabio Veggiato Sales and Marketing Director of MediaPower, anticipating the launch at IBC 2023, says:

“Our new news production system for the NRCS newsroom, Manhattan, is state-of-the-art, centralized and distributed, usable on-premise and/or in the cloud.

It covers all segments from news gathering, planning, editing and cross-platform content distribution.

It enables news production from anywhere.

It brings together the work and collects the feeds of various external editorial teams and centralizes the results.

This helps streamline the entire production workflow, whether story-focused, rundown-focused, or a hybrid of both.”

Marcello Dellepiane closes:

“Much has been done in terms of creativity to improve the usability and applicability of the product, developing and exploiting the native efficiencies of the cloud and Artificial Intelligence.

The platform created is completely web-based, open, scalable, perfectly native and compatible for use in standard AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud environments.

The complete suite includes tools for scheduling, content management, real-time collaboration and cross-platform distribution, integrating with popular CMS and social media.

Manhattan launch is prior to IBC 2023 where we are looking for international partners who will be able to develop a very profitable and exciting market thanks to ARKKI and Manhattan”.


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