MediaPower, workflow integrator: a company fulfilling the new needs of several vertical markets.

Interview with Marcello Dellepiane CEO: “We don’t sell the cat in the bag”.


PressPool: “Marcello Dellepiane, dean of the “Broadcast industry” with a background in prestigious companies.

And today?”


Marcello Dellepiane: “I was born with the broadcast market, thanks to a unique experience in the golden years with Ampex, IBM Video Division, and other important companies in the analog video world; and then in 1992 as vice president of SeaChange International, in the digital video domain.

At that time we were the only video server suppliers in the world, with offices on all continents and an appalling customer base of around 12,000.

Then, in 1993, MediaPower adventure began, spreading with a very important territorial expansion, first in Europe and then worldwide.

The first characteristic of the company that I founded is to be directly present with offices in all continents, in addition to the headquarters in Genoa, in the south of France, a branch in Qatar, in the Philippines and Hong Kong for the APAC area, in the New Hampshire in the USA, and recently in Romania”.


PressPool: “Today, MediaPower solutions, in addition to the“ historical ”broadcast market, are increasingly present in many “verticalized” marketa: Enterprise, Corporate, Educational and Culture. A matter of workflow?”


Marcello Dellepiane: “From the beginning, as AV system integrators, we have evolved a lot and today we are expert “workflow integrators”, so over the years we have developed strong skills in composing “turnkey systems”, certainly not just for broadcast video.

The strong presence of MediaPower in all other video applications was achieved through special “vertical” divisions that deal with all the markets involved in digital transformation: from medical, museum, corporate, educational and much more.

For instance, recently, a company with 150 offices around the world entrusted us with the transformation of all its communication from paper to video, involving the marketing, educational, e-learning and e-training areas.

Everything has been created and integrated entirely thanks to our technologies.

The workflow involves shooting, ingesting, and MAM to catalog, sort and retrieve all digital assets; an OTT platform then allows video distribution in an organic way and on demand to different classes of users, internal and external.

In general, in addition to the broadcast and AV sectors, we are present in many strategic markets, including the shipping area, also due to the strategic location near the port of Genoa, and we include among our customers all the Cargo and Cruise operators and important names in the Artificial Intelligence, in the PA, and many other sectors that are looking at digital with increasing interest”.


PressPool: “Is it fair to say that your driving idea is to constantly follow the evolution of the market, without striving to chase the last minute novelty, and propose the application of the intertwined technologies that you know best, spreading them in different fields?”


Marcello Dellepiane: “Yes, of course. We have always led the digital transformation as pioneers in the AV industry with video servers, and with Dalet, DDN, Netapp and many other brands within the main global broadcasters.

So, while following and anticipating the evolution of digital, always with great interest in the broadcast original market, our expansion is now also taking place towards other directions, such as museums, cultural associations, medical, corporate and anyone who wants to create a center for digital production, management, reuse and distribution of the entire archive.

In practice, we continue along a path of constant evolution managed with proprietary and other third-party products, with which we have solid partnership agreements.

In this regard, we have an operational logic that has rewarded us over the years: we are not interested in boasting a thousand collaborations – often only on the facade – and we pride ourselves on not being sellers of boxes, but of competence“.


PressPool: “A specialization that derives, therefore, from a precise choice of knowing in an extensive way the market, the products and the systems you offer. So, will you have invested a lot of energy in the pre-sale, but also in the post-sale?”


Marcello Dellepiane: “We are extremely competent on the products and systems we are selling.

Our pre-sale must understand and know each product in a thorough way before proposing it and supporting the customer at 360 degrees – first of all – in advising him on the appropriate choices.

We have so created three levels, the first of specialization in choosing products and technological partners; the second in which the salesman and the project manager must understand and interpret the customer’s needs to understand which customized systems and technologies to propose.

The third level is the after-sales support which must be perfectly integrated with the whole process.

The latter, which for other companies is a burden, for us is a very productive path: we boast a team of 11 people between the South of France and the rest of the world who, in addition to following the French-speaking market, supports any system we propose, including third-party devices if it is necessary to integrate them: the customer always has only one number to call”.


PressPool: “The concept of a single point of contact for today’s very complex systems, very much based on IT, is certainly a strong point of a company that sells systems”.


Marcello Dellepiane: “Thanks to an excellent assistance service, we can log into the customer’s global system, identify which segment is not working and the intervention becomes simple at that point.

Today most of the services are supported by virtual machines typical of computer systems and identifying, by the customer, at what point in the system the problem occurs is definitely not easy.

Our in-depth knowledge of the system – that the client rightly cannot have – is indispensable.

This is also in the light of the fact that the range of customers and installations has expanded towards users without “television background” who find themselves using very new equipment, even conceptually”.


PressPool: “Does this, I imagine, also allow you to propose each time a dimensionally adequate system at proportionate costs?”


Marcello Dellepiane: “Of course, through an accurate pre-sale analysis and a work of great attention to the customer, we are able to give him a unique service by responding adequately; sometimes even making savings with respect to what he initially thought.

We are known for the strong experience derived from the presence in many installations in international vertical markets; but also for the excellent reputation as per honesty and competence as an advisor.

A customer who bought an oversized system must justify his mistake with embarrassment.

On the other hand, an integrator that suggests perfectly and adequately dimensioned purchases and at a reasonable cost, produces a satisfied customer.

And from there, as the rumours spread, we often receive prospective clients for the first time who have heard the rumour that MediaPower “does not sell you the cat in the sack”.



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